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15/03/19 - 07:54 pm



Numpty Physics port for PSVITA.

15/03/19 - 07:54 pm
Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game in the spirit (and style) of Crayon Physics using the same excellent Box2D engine.

Vita Port of NumptyPhysics for PSP. This port is an improved version of the first Vita port made by meetpatty.
I decided to make a brand new repository cause meetpatty seems to be unreachable even via mail.

I'm planning to add some other new feature differently to meetpatty port such as BGM audio playback, touch support, retrotouch support.
As of now, this is a 1:1 adaptation of meetpatty code for HENkaku with some bugfixes.

- [up]/[down]/[left]/[right]/Analog Stick: Move cursor
- [r] + [up]/[down]/[left]/[right]/Analog Stick: Fast cursor move
- [l] + [left]/[right]: Next/Previous level
- [cross]: Drawing lines
- [square]: Restart level
- [triangle/Start]: Pause
- [cicle]: Delete last drawing line
- [select]: Show edit menu
- Touch]: Draw directly

- meetpatty: First Vita port author for Rejuvenate.
- rock88: PSP port from were this port is based of.
- All my patroners for their awesome support.


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