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20/01/19 - 02:06 am



Memory Card swapper utility.


CardUnlock v01.00 by cnsldv

Sony added some annoying features to the Vita, one of which is that you can't swap memory cards between devices with different FW versions due to the *You must update* message. If one device runs HENkaku on 3.60 and the other is above 3.60 you can't use the card in the 3.60 device.

You need a Vita running HENkaku to be able to use CardUnlock. After install. If you are using a model 1000/Fat Vita you should use Application Storage Manager or ONEmenu to copy CardUnlock to ur0: since you can't have a card in ux0: when you run it.

- start Vita without the card inserted
- run HENkaku and start CardUnlock
- insert card, answer *no* to *do you want to reboot now* message
- press X to remove id.dat
- press X to reboot or O to exit (after pressing O you can remove the card to insert in another device)
- answer *no* to questions about copying content to the card
- you now have access to the card


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