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15/01/20 - 12:16 am

VitaGrafix Configurator


A GUI Configurator for the VitaGrafix plugin.


VitaGrafix Configurator v03.00 by Kirezar

It allows to make configurations in a simple way through a GUI to the VitaGrafix plugin.

- This app requires the instalation of plugin VitaGrafix by Electry.
- The configurator is compatible with *VitaGrafix v4.0*


After opening the app, if you don't have a *config.txt* file on *ux0:/data/VitaGrafix* or it wasn't updated to the latest version, the app will do that for you.

You'll be greeted by a VitaGrafix Settings screen, which contains the override settings for Enabled and OSD

Changelog 3.0
- Added support for VitaGrafix 5.0+

- Don't forget to keep your patchlist.txt updated at https://github.com/Electry/VitaGrafixPatchlist

Changelog 2.1
- MSAA option added for compatible games
- Sorted games alphabetically again
- Display installed games only option
- Safeguard against crashing when the patchlist.txt file isn't copied correctly.
- Fixed some little bugs


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