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26/05/19 - 02:32 am

Easy Downgrader Updater for PS Vita


Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita


Easy Downgrader Updater for PS Vita v01.03 by BaltazaR4

# Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita (Formerly 365 U/D H)
**Downgrade/Update your PS Vita the easy way without a PC.**


This simple app will help you install/download the nedeed apps and files to get your PS Vita updated/Downgraded to your FW selection between 3 to choose from.

**This app was created for people without access to any PC, or for those who want to do the whole process right on the PS Vita.**

Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita Current Version: 1.03

1. **To be able to install and use this app you must have either Trinity, H-encore or Henkaku installed**

2. After taking care of step 1, now you can think of what FW suits you best.

Changelog 1.03
Added the option to download and save the PUP files to ux0:data/PUPS/ (127mb ea), choose yes/no for each version.
Added Enso version autodetect to avoid reinstalling chosen Enso version if the app was found.
Added the possibility to translate warning messages in (lang).txt.
Added Japanese and French language.
Fixed bug when exiting Enso Menu, now it goes to Main Menu instead of PUP Menu.

Changelog 1.02
- Added Enso for 3.60 and 3.65

Changelog 1.01

- App name changed to Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita.

- Added install Modoru, if not found, when FW PUP is chosen.

- Added Download FW PUP screen, 3 to choose from.

- Added option to cancel download.

- Added savedata personalization.

- Cleaned code a bit.

Changelog 1.0
- Warning screens right at the start :).

- Ability to install H-encore, Modoru, Enso v1.1 (Main).

- Ability to download 3.65 PUP and move it to Modoru (Main).

- Ability to install Memecore (3.60 users).

- Ability to reinstall Memecore/H-encore savedata (3.60 users).


**Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita is packed with English and Spanish lang files.**

If you like to add any other language feel free to upload the .txt to this repo or contact us:

- Gdljjrod (https://twitter.com/gdljjrod).
- BaltazaR4 (https://twitter.com/baltazarregala4).

Remember to only translate the text between "".

## Controls: ##

*Main Menu*

For warning screens!!: Please read them, thats why we put them in there!! :).

- **O:** FW Download scetion, choose the desired FW PUP and press "X" to start downloading.

- **Triangle:** Install Modoru.

- **Square:** Install Enso v1.1.

- **X:** Install H-encore.

- **Select:** Extra Options.

*Extra Options*

- **X:** Install Memecore (3.60 users who want to stay there).

- **R + UP:** Reinstall H-encore savedata.

- **L + UP:** Reinstall Memecore savedata.


**Memecore is recommended for 3.60 only, for 3.65 or above you must use H-encore except for 3.69-70.
(After installing H-encore/Memecore, this app will restart your PS Vita and DB will be updated, No changes to bubble layout).**

## How to use this app? ##

*To Install 3.65 Enso on your console*

To Update from 3.60 or Downgrade from 3.67, .68, .69, .70 to 3.65 with Enso do as follows:

1. Make sure your battery is 70% or over (50% recommended by Modoru).

2. Press Circle and select 3.65 UPDATE (this will also install Modoru if not found).

3. Press Square to install Enso v1.1 App.

4. Press Cross to install H-encore (only if you are in 3.60 so you can have H-encore installed once you Update).

5. After the PS Vita restart, reactivate HEN if you have to, Disable all plugins and restart again (you can use autoplugin to do so or reset taihen config.txt).

6. Once the PS Vita has restarted, reactivate HEN if you have to, launch Modoru and follow the instructions.

7. After the Downgrade/Update process is done, reactivate HEN, launch Enso v1.1 and follow the instructions.

If everything went as planned... Congrats!! now you have a Ensoed 3.65 PS Vita.


*To Go back to 3.60 from higher versions and Enso it*

1. Make sure your battery is 70% or over (50% recommended by Modoru).


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26/01/19 - 04:53 pm



This app made with Onelua Team's help, based on elpendor's account switcher, will let you manage multiple accounts on your PS Vi


Account_Manager v01.10 by BaltazaR4

This app made with Onelua Team's help, based on elpendor's account switcher, will let you manage multiple accounts on your PS Vita.

Keep the login files of your different accounts at hand with this app, plus, be able to change them at any time without the need to format your console (of course, after creating each account's folder), and without the need to format your memory card.

It does support elpendor's account switcher profile folders, just move them to the following path ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001

This app can save the current account data, delete it, delete the saved account profile folder or swap the current account to a previously saved account with the touch of a button!.

First time using it press X to save the current account data, then if you want to login to a different profile press O to delete the current account data, the console will restart, you'll go through the time, date, language, set account initial settings, you can introduce your credentials here or skip to the video, is up to you.

The first time you save your profiles you might think is taking a long time, but think about doing it everytime without an app like this (own experience).


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