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29/03/19 - 10:13 pm

El Pollo de Lapy


Flappy Bird clone for PSVITA.


El Pollo de Lapy v01.00 by Lapy

From the hands of the developer comes this game that Flappy Bird clone for PSVITA.


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29/03/19 - 10:07 pm

El Pollo 2.0


Helicopter clone for PSVITA.


El Pollo 2.0 v02.00 by Lapy

From the hands of the developer comes this game that Helicopter clone for PSVITA.


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29/03/19 - 09:31 pm

The Call


The Call port for PSVITA.


The Call v01.00 by Paulo

Settled in a distopyan America deeply immersed in a noir atmosphere, this demo, developed for the Global Game Jam 2018, follows the daily routine of a cable operator, a now forgotten job. But what seems to be another ordinary day will eventually turn into something else, as our protagonist unfold something bigger.

- The creators of the game *https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/call*
- Lapy05575948 for helping me setup unity.
- SilicaDevs for his UnityTools.


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24/03/19 - 07:52 pm



DVD Logo screensaver.


DVDLogo v01.00 by caghandemir

A clone of the DVD screensaver used by old DVD players used lpp-vita.


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24/03/19 - 07:20 pm



Goat Simulator clone in Mario theme.


MKMayhem v00.20 by FantaHourglass

A Goat Simulator clone set in Mario world with Waluigi as playable character.

Changelog 0.20
- Added a ragdoll Luigi because you seriously can't have a Goat Simulator clone without ragdoll NPCs.


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15/03/19 - 07:54 pm



Numpty Physics port for PSVITA.


NumptyPhysics v00.50 by Rinnegatamante & meetpatty

Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game in the spirit (and style) of Crayon Physics using the same excellent Box2D engine.

Vita Port of NumptyPhysics for PSP. This port is an improved version of the first Vita port made by meetpatty.
I decided to make a brand new repository cause meetpatty seems to be unreachable even via mail.

I'm planning to add some other new feature differently to meetpatty port such as BGM audio playback, touch support, retrotouch support.
As of now, this is a 1:1 adaptation of meetpatty code for HENkaku with some bugfixes.

- [up]/[down]/[left]/[right]/Analog Stick: Move cursor
- [r] + [up]/[down]/[left]/[right]/Analog Stick: Fast cursor move
- [l] + [left]/[right]: Next/Previous level
- [cross]: Drawing lines
- [square]: Restart level
- [triangle/Start]: Pause
- [cicle]: Delete last drawing line
- [select]: Show edit menu
- Touch]: Draw directly

- meetpatty: First Vita port author for Rejuvenate.
- rock88: PSP port from were this port is based of.
- All my patroners for their awesome support.


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15/03/19 - 07:33 pm

enso ex Installer


Extended enso for 3.60/3.65


enso ex Installer v03.00 by SKGleba & Team Molecule

This is a mod of enso CFW by Team Molecule adding several features to it.

Being an advanced tool, we recommend that you do not use it unless you know what you are doing, neither we nor the developer is responsible for the possible damages of the misuse of it.

Features Added
- Compatibility with both fw3.60 and fw3.65.
- Ability to keep the original Playstation Boot Logo or use a custom Boot Logo/Animation.
- SafeBoot system with auto-config-rebuild feature.
- sd2vita driver (optional).
- Update blocker (optional).
- Installer - ability to skip checks (force flash).

Features Removed
- Ability to download and update the firmware via enso installer.

Functions usage
- BootLogo:
- location: ur0:tai/boot_splash.img
- file format: raw (rgba) or gzipped raw (rgba) 960x544 image.
- BootAnimation:
- location: ur0:tai/boot_animation.img
- file format: custom (see https://github.com/SKGleba/enso_ex/tree/master/cbanim).
- Util
- sd2vita wakeup fix: self explanatory i think
- sleep fd fix by TheFlow: fixes common sleep-related homebrew errors
- delay boot: also self explanatory. Useful if you want to test your own boot_animation.


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15/03/19 - 02:14 am



Transport Tycoon Deluxe port.


OpenTTD v00.30 by angguss & rsn8887

OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

The game takes ~60 seconds to load.

- Left analog stick: mouse pointer control
- [pad]/ right analog stick: scrolling the map.
- [cross]/ [r]: left mouse click
- [circle]/ [l]: right mouse click
- [square]: zoom-in
- [triangle]: zoom-out
- Double clicking with [cross] or [r] over a text field: brings up the built-in on-screen keyboard

Changelog 0.30
- Huge performance increase & resolution now locked to 960x544
- Standard overclocking (444) now applied
- Left analog joystick controls the mouse pointer much more responsive and smoothly now.
- The touch screen is now used for indirect mouse input, like on a laptop touchpad. Move a single finger to move the mouse pointer. Use short tap for left click. Hold a single finger while tapping a second finger for right click. Drag with two fingers to drag and drop.
- Updated control mapping.
- Music is now working
- Enable cursor key map scrolling with BT keyboard
- Extra memory (total 300 MB heap) is enabled on Vita (for music and larger maps)


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14/03/19 - 03:10 pm



Simple minesweeper for PlayStation Vita


MSweep v01.10 by Creckeryop

Simple minesweeper game written in C++ for PlayStation Vita

- Records for all modes (Easy, Medium, Hard, Custom) located on *ux0:data\save_msweep.txt*
- if game crashing try making save file with 0 0 0 0 0

- [pad]: Move
- [cross]: Open tile (or open group of tiles if you press on number)
- [square]: Put Question mark
- [circle]: Flag / Unflag
- [triangle]: Recreate level
- [start]: Go to pause menu

Changelog 1.10
- Added sounds
- Added 3 themes
- Added reset save button
- Pause menu now actually pauses game (new pause menu)
- New save file structure record_easy record_medium record_hard record_custom theme
- Less particles when field is too big
- Minor fixes

- Grzybojad: for advises
- xerpi: vita2d
- VITASDK team: vitasdk


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08/03/19 - 07:24 pm

Manga Downloader


Download manga straight to your PS Vita.


Manga Downloader v02.50 by MyLegGuy

This versatile application allows you to download manga from several sites directly to your console, and easily.

Changelog 2.50
- Fix a script
- Remove a broken script
- Use system font instead of Liberation Sans
- Add repeat to dpad

# Supported
* dynasty-scans.com
* mangahere.cc
* mangareader.net
* webtoons.com
* Maybe a little bonus?

# How_to
It's moron-proof.

1. Select Download.
2. Select website.
3. Select download mode.
4. Select manga series.
5. Select chapter.
6. Press done.
7. Wait for download to finish.

Refer to the digital manual for more information. (Can be accessed from the LiveArea.)

*Downloads are saved to ux0:data/LUAMANGAS/Manga/.*

You may ask questions in the *issues* section on github.
Make sure you check the digital manual first, though.


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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