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27/01/19 - 12:19 am

Switch SD2Vita


Switch your mount point between ux0 and uma0 easily for your SD2Vita!


Switch SD2Vita v02.10 by Applelo

Switch SD2Vita is a simple homebrew which simplify the setup to install and manage SD2VITA drivers for both ux0:/ and uma0:/ mounting points. You can also switch to another mount point if you want (xmc0, imc0, grw0)

The homebrew need an unsafe access to edit the ur0:/tai/config.txt file if you choose to have your SDVita like an ux0: memory. If you are scary, you can check the code and build the homebrew

Release 2.1
- Update PSVita-StorageMgr to 3.0 #16
- Add switch option to add MCD to a new config file #14
- A lot of improvements inside (always :p)
- ImgBot reduce image file size by 20% #17

Release 2.0
- Use PSVita-StorageMgr instead of gamesdcard-microsd (thanks to @CelesteBlue-dev)
- You can choose what mount point you want for your gamesdcard
- Support the 3.68 PSVita Version
- A lot of improvements inside :D

Release 1.3
- Support the 3.65/3.67 PSVita Version (thanks to @TheOfficialFloW & @ArkSource)

Release 1.2
- Detect old installation (1.0 version with uma0 config)
- Small change in menu
- Rename ux0:tai folder
- Update PSVita database on switch
- Add an official changelog
- Fix, always fix :)

- Developed & maintained by Applelo
- yosh for the pull request #5 with fixes
- Tuxbot123 for the idea and the bubble customization
- wababc for test and suggestion
- Celestblue-dev for StorageMgr plugin
- All people bringing pull requests to this project
- Team Molecule for HENkaku and taihen
- All people contributed to VitaSDK
- xerpi for the library vita2D
- The_FloW for file functions and HENkaku 3.65/3.68
- KanadeEngel for database trick
- My master, MisterAlex


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26/01/19 - 05:05 pm

QuickLaunch Installer


This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.


QuickLaunch Installer v00.51 by 1upus

** About **

This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.

Default shortcuts for installation:

Adrenaline v6+
** Multilanguage support **

QL installer does automatically load the language that matches to the current system language. If your system language is for example russian, it will load from 'ux0:data/qlinstall/lang/russian.txt'.

Please use ux0:data/qlinstall/lang/english_us.txt as base to make your translations.

Also you can use custom .ttf font specific to your language. Just put it to ux0:data/qlinstall/resources/%language%.ttf

File naming for translations *.txt and fonts *.ttf:




















If your translation doesnt loading automaticly, it can miss some strings, so check actual english_us.txt to fix it.

If you have incorrect width of default font chars, try to use russian.ttf as custom font and rename to %language%.ttf it may fix problem with cyrillic languages.

Please report me if it helps and your language, I'll make needed font loading automatic.

Also you can add you custom translation to my repo, just fork it and add your translation to "translations" folder and make pull request.

** Todo: **

Add support for userfriendly custom shortcuts installation.

Add translation download from repo if exists

** Thx **

App created with LUA and based on sources by Team OneLua. https://github.com/ONElua/


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26/01/19 - 04:53 pm



This app made with Onelua Team's help, based on elpendor's account switcher, will let you manage multiple accounts on your PS Vi


Account_Manager v01.10 by BaltazaR4

This app made with Onelua Team's help, based on elpendor's account switcher, will let you manage multiple accounts on your PS Vita.

Keep the login files of your different accounts at hand with this app, plus, be able to change them at any time without the need to format your console (of course, after creating each account's folder), and without the need to format your memory card.

It does support elpendor's account switcher profile folders, just move them to the following path ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001

This app can save the current account data, delete it, delete the saved account profile folder or swap the current account to a previously saved account with the touch of a button!.

First time using it press X to save the current account data, then if you want to login to a different profile press O to delete the current account data, the console will restart, you'll go through the time, date, language, set account initial settings, you can introduce your credentials here or skip to the video, is up to you.

The first time you save your profiles you might think is taking a long time, but think about doing it everytime without an app like this (own experience).


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26/01/19 - 12:17 am

Trophy Manager


This app allows you to preview the trophies and their status for each game and delete trophies as desired.


Trophy Manager v01.02 by ONElua Team

- This Homebrew could help you delete the game trophies you won't like to synch.

- Everytime a trophy Is deleted, the trophy app/bubble must be launched to update the trophy db, we highly recomend you to disable the wifi in the PS Vita before launching the trophy app/bubble for this matter.

Changelog 1.02
- Support for custom font in ux0:data/ONETROPHY/font/font.pgf.

Changelog 1.01
- Now you can open the Trophies application.

Changelog 1.00
-Initial Version.

Trophy Manager does recognize the accept/cancel buttons according to console region.
- Main Screen
- Square: Multi Selection.
- Start: Delete selected trophies.
- Select: Sort List: Title, Progress.
- Trophy Screen
- Square: To preview details for a hidden trophy.
- Select: Sort List: Trophyid, Unlocked, Hidden.

This app Is based from Trophax app, but Trophy Manager does not unlock trophies.

- Silica for his Trophax app
- Graphics By WZ-JK.


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26/01/19 - 12:12 am



A useful application that allows you to avoid unwanted firmware updates.


UpdateBlocker v01.10 by SilicaAndPina

A useful application that allows you to avoid unwanted firmware updates, blocking downloads of automatic updates.

Handle this application with care, as it handles reconfiguration in the system partitions.

- [cross]: Blocks the updates in the configuration application.
- [circle]: Unlock the updates in the configuration application.
- [square]: Block the download of the update.
- [triangle]: Unlock the download of the update.

Changelog 1.1
- Fixed issue where Game Updates couldnt be downloaded if *Block Update Download* was enabled


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20/01/19 - 11:18 pm



Enhancer and Redirecter for PSX/PSP bubbles assets for PSVITA.


RetroLivearea v01.00 by Rinnegatamante

RetroLivearea is a little tool that allows you to automatically improve Livearea assets for PSX and PSP bubbles by creating new set of assets from the original PBP file (ICON0 and PIC1 files).
It will also redirect Livearea assets to ux0:data/RetroLivearea/TITLEID so that you'll be able to customize said bubbles even more with fancy assets.

- Samilop *Cimmerian* Iter for helping beta testing the tool
- All my Patroners for their awesome support


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20/01/19 - 02:17 am



Simple Graphing Calculator for PS Vita.


VitaGraphs v00.10 by Creckeryop

VitaGraphs it is a simple but functional application to graph operations or mathematical functions.

- Triangle to write function
(support +, -, /, *, ^, abs(), sin(), cos(), tg(), sqrt(), floor(), ceil(), arccos(), arcsin(), arctg())
- Cross to reset Camera
- Left Stick up and down to Zoom in/out (You can use touchscreen to resize)
- Move Right Stick to move (You can use touchscreen to move)
- Square to choose Zoom mode (vertical, horizontal, both)


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20/01/19 - 02:06 am



Memory Card swapper utility.


CardUnlock v01.00 by cnsldv

Sony added some annoying features to the Vita, one of which is that you can't swap memory cards between devices with different FW versions due to the *You must update* message. If one device runs HENkaku on 3.60 and the other is above 3.60 you can't use the card in the 3.60 device.

You need a Vita running HENkaku to be able to use CardUnlock. After install. If you are using a model 1000/Fat Vita you should use Application Storage Manager or ONEmenu to copy CardUnlock to ur0: since you can't have a card in ux0: when you run it.

- start Vita without the card inserted
- run HENkaku and start CardUnlock
- insert card, answer *no* to *do you want to reboot now* message
- press X to remove id.dat
- press X to reboot or O to exit (after pressing O you can remove the card to insert in another device)
- answer *no* to questions about copying content to the card
- you now have access to the card


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19/01/19 - 07:14 pm

Vita Calculator


Functional and versatile calculator for Ps vita.


Vita Calculator v01.00 by Flappy Jesus

The developer Flappy Jesus, brings Vita Calculator an application that allows us to perform mathematical operations with included formulas, now there is no excuse to not have the console in your school classes.

- Since touch is used to handle the application, use in PSTV is not recommended.


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19/01/19 - 12:00 am



FTP Server for the PSVita.


FTPVita v01.10 by Xerpi

From the hands of the Xerpi developer, FTPvita arrives which is the first application that allows to mount an FTP server in the console and have access to multiple partitions, all this thanks to its libftpvita.

- Thanks to yifanlu for Rejuvenate and UVLoader :D
- Thanks to 173210 and everybody who contributed to psp2sdk.
- Thanks to Cirne and everybody who contributed to vita-toolchain.
- Also thanks to everybody who has helped me on #vitadev :P


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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