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14/01/20 - 11:50 pm

Random Hentai


Online random hentai image viewer


Random Hentai v02.10 by SonicMastr

A simple PS Vita homebrew that returns a random hentai picture from Konachan.

That's really it. Do I need to say any more?

Source updated from the original with extra features.

Still uses Rinnegatamante's LPP-VITA.

Uses Konachan as a source.

Changelog v2.10
Now uses Safe Eboot (Installing wont ask you for unsafe permissions)

Drastically reduced load time (4-7 seconds compared to upwards of 30)

Random images are now truly random with no post limit. You better start saving stuff you like or you might never see them again ;)

Notifies you if the source is potentially blocked in your country (Solutions to this problem are being talked over)

Just in case you still happen to experience a crash, restarting works now

Changelog v2.0
You can now Save Images (Saved by Photo ID) with the Triggers (Saves to ux0:data/randomhentai/saved)

Added Mirrored Controls for a One Handed Experience ;)

Some people wanted to have both hands completely free, so I added an Auto-Next Timer to automatically proceed to the next image after a user defined time (5 - 60 seconds).

Increased the JSON data from 250 posts to 1000 posts, so now you have 4x the amount to discover (Also made the randomness a little more consistently random)

L/R Triggers - Save Current Image (By ID)
Up/Triangle - Auto-Next Image Timer Toggle/Reset
Right/Circle - Increase Timer Duration (Up to 60 Seconds)
Left/Square - Decrease Timer Duration (Down to 5 Seconds)
Down/X - Next Image


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14/01/20 - 10:32 pm



A Vita Port of Lolicopocalypse


Lolicopocalypse v01.00 by teakhanirons

A Vita Port of Lolicopocalypse, a game by quasist for Ludum Dare 24.

dots-tb did most of the work including finding the game, getting it to compile, controls and handling sound. I only did the image scaling and the live area.


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14/01/20 - 09:48 pm



The pkgj application allows fast and simple access to download pkg from PSP /PSX/ PSM/ DLC.


PKGj v00.54 by blastrock & mmozeiko

The pkgj application allows fast and simple access to download pkg from PSP / PSX / PSM / DLC.

- easy way to see list of available downloads, including searching, filter & sorting.
- standalone, no PC required, everything happens directly on Vita.
- automatic download and unpack, just choose an item, and it will be installed, including bubble in live area.
- queues multiple downloads.
- supports the TSV file format.
- installs updates, DLCs, PSM, PSP and PSX games.

Changelog v0.54
Errors when refreshing: Delete your config and completely uninstall ITLS-enso.
PSTV users: Completely uninstall AntiBlacklist/Whitelist and install DolcePolce.

Make sure to install NoPsmDrm and PSM runtime before playing PSM games.

What's new:
- PSM games can now be installed automatically without rebuilding database. (credits: SilicaAndPina)
- PSM runtime can be installed directly in PKGJ without Henkaku DNS.
- Cover images for games. (credits: dragonflylee)
- Exit from gameview with the cancel button. (credits: dragonflylee)
- Compat packs default URL changed and always enabled.
- Enhanced HTTP error messages.

Bug fixes:
- Fix PSM Unity extraction path.
- Fix all TLS errors with default URLs.


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14/01/20 - 09:04 pm



View Github users, repos, and releases from a ps-vita.


RepoHub v0.15 by robDevs

RepoHub allows you to browse GitHub users and repositories using the GitHub API. You can view and download releases from repositories as well.

Changelog 0.15
- Featured repositories tab.
- To request a repository be added or removed submit an issue here with the user/name of the repository.
- Updated the release details page to look and feel more consistent with the rest of the app.
- Make sure temp folders used during installation are empty/removed before installing apps.

Changelog 0.10
- Option to install vpk files after downloading.
- Now requires unsafe home brew permissions.

Changelog 0.05
- User info view
- Authenticated users can now follow/Unfollow people.
- This requires access token have the scope user:follow
- Some code cleanup

Changelog 0.04
- Fix crash when viewing really long readme files.

Changelog 0.03
- Can now search for users and repositories. User the start menu from the Home/Following screen and select *Search*
- Starred and Search Results pages now show *owner/name* for repositories.

Changelog 0.02
- Starred repositories are now sorted by most recent push.

By default the API allows 60 requests per hour, per ip address. For light usage this should be plenty. If you need additional api requests please view the section about personal access tokens.

Personal Access Tokens
Using a personall access token increases the API request limit to 5000 per hour and is based on the token, not the ip address.

Using a token
will also unlock these additional features
- Star and Unstar repositories.
- Submit issues directly to RepoHub on GitHub
- Creating Personal Access Tokens
- visit https://github.com/settings/tokens to create your token
- Select public_repo for the scope of the token.
- Launch RepoHub and press Start on the home screen
- Select Enter Token
- Your token will be encrypted and saved using a key only provided at compile time.

Usage without Token
A user name is still required to use RepoHub. It is used to generate your list of followed users and starred repositories. To add your username:
- press start from the home screen
- select Enter UserName

- Programming/Design
- robDevs
- Icons/Live Area
- MotoLegacy

Testing/Design Feedback
- Grzybojad
- MotoLegacy
- nobodywasishere


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14/01/20 - 04:25 pm

Mad Bomber Vita


A PSVITA port of Bill Kendrick's Mad Bomber


Mad Bomber Vita v01.00 by SonicMastr

A PSVITA port of Bill Kendrick's Mad Bomber

- [left]: Move Left
- [right]: Move Right
- [cross]: Confirm/Fire
- [start]: Pause
- [select]: Escape/Exit

Thanks to dots-tb for helping with compiling errors and getting graphics output working.


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16/10/19 - 02:46 pm

Modoru unofficial


Vita downgrader 3.60 - 3.73


Modoru unofficial v02.10 by SKGleba

*modoru* means "to go back" in Japanese and is a downgrader for the *PS Vita*.

Changelog v2.1
- Added support for firmware 3.73
- Fixed wrong version display


- Your device must already run *HENkaku/h-encore* on firmwares 3.60-3.73 in order to use this software. Firmwares 3.69 and 3.70 and 3.73 can use this software once a new hack is released.
- Your device's battery has be at least at 50%.
- All your plugins must be disabled, therefore you will not be able to launch the downgrader from a SD2VITA and hence, you must have a Memory Card (or Internal Storage).
- If you have installed IMCUnlock by SKGleba, it is recommended to uninstall it first before attempting to downgrade.


1. Install modoru.
2. Obtain the `PSP2UPDAT.PUP` file of your desired firmware (make sure that this firmware is officially hackable) and place it at `ux0:app/MODORU000/PSP2UPDAT.PUP` (don't install `modoru.vpk` afterwards, otherwise the update file will be removed).
3. Disable all your plugins. Easiest way is renaming `ux0:tai` and `ur0:tai` to some other name.
4. Reboot your device and relaunch *HENkaku/h-encore*.
5. Launch the *modoru* application and follow the instructions on screen.
6. Enjoy the installation and welcome to your favourite firmware.


- Q: Where can I find and download firmwares?
A: Here is a nice collection by darthsternie: PS Vita Firmwares(https://darthsternie.net/index.php/ps-vita-firmwares/). Make sure you download the firmware from the `Complete Official Firmwares` section.
- Q: There are 3 different PUP files in the archive, which one do I need?
A: There are packages with (pre), (systemdata) and (full). You should choose the full one.
- Q: Can I downgrade my 3.69/3.70 device using this tool?
A: Yes, but not yet. You'll need to wait until the next exploit chain is released.
- Q: My factory firmware is higher than 3.65 and *modoru* doesn't allow me to downgrade to 3.60/3.65.
A: Unfortunately, there are some devices with factory firmware above 3.65. These cannot be downgraded (yet). This means no bootloader hack for you.
- Q: Can I downgrade my device to 3.60/3.65 and then install ens??
A: Yes, that's the main goal of this tool.
- Q: Can I downgrade my testkit/devkit?
A: It has not been tested yet, but you can very likely do it. You should even be able to go lower than firmware 1.692, which is officially inhibited.
- Q: How low can I downgrade?
A: You can go down to your factory firmware (this is highlighted in yellow within *modoru*).
- Q: Can I use this tool to update or reinstall my firmware?
A: Yes, you can downgrade, update or reinstall any firmware using this tool.
- Q: Is there a chance of bricking?
A: Not likely, since this application is using the official updater and only makes a few harmless patches to bypass some checks.


If you like my work and want to support future projects, you can make a donation:

- via bitcoin `361jRJtjppd2iyaAhBGjf9GUCWnunxtZ49`
- via paypal(https://www.paypal.me/flowsupport/20)
- via patreon(https://www.patreon.com/TheOfficialFloW)

Thank you!

- Thanks to Freakler for the LiveArea design.
- Thanks to liblor for the name suggestion.
- Thanks to yifanlu for prior research on downgrading.
- Thanks to molecule for SCE decryption utilities.
- Thanks to SKGleba for betatesting.


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03/09/19 - 06:11 pm



Puzzle game


Pingo v02.10 by Grzybojad

Pingo is a puzzle game in which your goal is to paint the whole level in as little steps as possible. Try to earn all 3 stars in 60 hand crafted levels!

All this gorgeous art was done by Jumbocube.

RobDevs made a level editor for this game, it was a massive help during development. I'll try adding custom level support to Pingo, so that you can play around with it yourself.

Changelog 2.10
- Added touch navigation for levels
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong message box to appear when player finishes all levels in a World

Changelog 2.00
- 30 new levels with 3 new gameplay mechanics and a new color scheme
- support for custom levels
- improved visuals
- 4 new music tracks
- touch menu navigation
- working options menu
- an easter egg
- improvements to previous levels
- a credits sequence after you beat the final level
- And more tweaks and changes to enchance the experience.

- Use the DPAD to navigate the menus and the game
- Use CROSS (X) to choose menu option and CIRCLE to go back in menus
- Press TRIANGLE to quickly restart the level
- Press START to pause the game


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02/09/19 - 07:24 pm

PSM Manager


Bypass PSN for PSM titles.


PSM Manager v02.00 by Yoti

This program bypasses the PSN account requirement
when using PSM games.

Release 2.00
You don't need this program if all PSM games works for you.
- You still need nopsmdrm plugin for running native PSM games.
- You still need nopsmdrm and nonpdrm plugins for running Unity PSM games.

- Algo and code: Yoti
- Graphic design: 1upus


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02/09/19 - 07:08 pm



Set your vita volume level without using the buttons.


VitaVolume v01.30 by inthecatsdreams

An application to set your vita volume level without using the buttons (if they happen to be broken like mine are)

Release 1.30
- You can now mute the console.

How to use
Set the value you want, 0 being the lowest and 30 the maximum (25 for AVLS forced vitas) and then press square to reboot.


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02/09/19 - 06:51 pm

Vita Account Manager


Account Manager for PSVITA.


Vita Account Manager v00.91 by windsurfer1122

Vita Account Manager (c) 2019 by *windsurfer1122*
Switch between multiple PSN/SEN accounts on a PS Vita or PS TV.
- Handle execution history.
- Dump console IDs.
- Save and restore WLAN settings.

- Save the current account for later restore.
- Restore a saved account or remove the current account.
- Removes trophies of current account to reduce ban risk on an accidental trophy sync.
- Unlink memory card from current account.
- Delete execution history of current account to discard Homebrew title IDs in it.
A reboot is still needed to clear execution history in memory.
- Remove obligatory *save data* of Vita Account Manager to avoid trophy message after account switch.
- Delete execution history of current account to discard Homebrew title IDs in it before logging into PSN.
A reboot is still needed to clear execution history in memory.
- Write-protect execution history files by replacing files with not overwritable directories.
A reboot is still needed to clear execution history in memory.
- Save the IDPS and PSID of the console.
- Save WLAN settings and restore them.
- Uses an extandable coding framework for easy enhancements and/or extensions. Go fork and send pull requests and/or patches.

Credits for Ideas and Features
- ONElua Team for *AccountManager*
- SiliciaAndPina for *Advanced-Account-Switcher* and *SimpleAccountSwitcher*
- Chihiro/KanadeEngel for *History Deleter*
- Orion for *Vita Toolbox*
- NamelessGhoul0 for *History Wipe Plugin*
- TheFlow for *VitaShell*
- devnoname120 for *RegistryEditor MOD*


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