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02/09/19 - 06:16 pm



An application that allows us to unlock all the trophies of the games.


TrophaxSE v01.50 by SilicaAndPina

TropHAX SE (Standalone Edition) is an application that allows us to unlock all the trophies of the games,
Unlike the TropHAX.suprx addon, it improves its compatibility to 100% of the games. You simply need the installed game and the trophy files inside ur0:/trophy and you can unlock it all.

Changelog 1.5
- Add support for 3.71/3.72.

Changelog 1.4
- Fixed an issue where the timestamp could end up being --/--/---- --:--

Changelog 1.3
- Fixed Issues with inconsistant timestamping, and added support for 3.70

Changelog 1.2
- Attempted to fix some issues with timezones, and bypassed the <1/1/2015 restriction on the PSVita.

Changelog 1.1
- Fixes patch mounting, and also allows you to set the Timestamp of trophys! (Fake SecureTick).

- SilicaAndPina - Lead developer, - working out how trophys work and stuff.
- TheFlow (vitashell): For trop_dat0: mounting code .
- Princess Of Sleeping: For helping me with trop_dat0: mounting.
- AnalogMan: for doing UI Stuffs.
- Zecoaxco: ksceRtcSetCurrentTick();


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14/08/19 - 01:29 am



Install plugins from vitadb.


EasyPlugin v01.10 by THEN00P

Easy Plugin is a plugin installer that downloads and installs plugins from VitaDB.
It installs most plugins without problems and has support for plugins with data folders or config files.
It also has an easy to use menu to choose what app to install the plugin for.

Changelog 1.10
- added the ability to remove installed plugins
- preview images now get scaled correctly
- added a scrollbar thumb to the app selector
- various bugfixes

Special Thanks
- Team molecule (taiHENkaku)
- devnoname120 (zip archive class)
- VitaSmith (libsqlite)
- Xerpi (vita2d)
- the Vita SDK Team


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05/08/19 - 05:34 pm

Multidownload Vita


Multidownload files for PSVita.


Multidownload Vita v01.00 by DevDavisNunez

This useful application allows you to download easily from http/https and direct in Mediafire/ Google Drive/ Zippyshare!

- [up]/[down]: Browse the menu actions.
- [cross]: Perform the action selected in the menu.

Changelog 1.0
- Initial release.
- Added automatic network update. app will now notify you when there's a new update.
- Added the possibility to download direct in Mediafire/ Google Drive/ Zippyshare!
- You can enter the url in several ways, such as QR Code, URI or Manual.
- Support download/install/import at the time.

You can create a link on your page/server that allows *direct* download with *Multidownload*.
Like *mdl:down?* examples:
- Download only, Direct download Vitashell with Multidownload
- Download & Install vpkĀ“s, Direct download & install Vitashell with Multidownload
- Download & import Multimedia, Direct download & import image or sound with Multidownload

If you want to help translate in your language, do not hesitate to contact me, please submit an issue or pull request.

- Add more stuff (Suggestions are accepted).
The source code is too rudimentary and I hope to improve it :( , I wish to dedicate more time in the scene and do it soon.

Remember that this application the only thing you do is download directly from servers, you may have bandwidth restriction, if you do not have a premium account.

- Mega-icon By **Papirus Development Team** GNU General Public License v3.0.

Report bugs
if you see something wrong, please submit an issue or pull request.

In case you want to support my work on the vita, you can always donate for some coffee. Any amount is highly appreciated


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20/07/19 - 11:18 pm

Eleven Music Player


Music player


Eleven Music Player v02.10 by joel16

A homebrew music player for Playstation VITA that aims to support many different audio formats compared to the offical PS VITA music application.

Supported formats
- IT
- MP3
- S3M
- WAV (A-law and u-law, Microsoft ADPCM, IMA ADPCM)
- XM

- Browse ux0:/ to play the above audio formats.
- Pause/Play audio.
- Shuffle/Repeat audio.
- Next/Previous track in current working directory.
- Display ID3v1 and ID3v2 metadata for MP3 files.

- MPG123 contributors.
- dr_libs by mackron.
- stb_vorbis by nothings and contributors.
- libxmp-lite contributors.
- Preetisketch for startup.png (banner).
- Eleven Music Player contributors for design elements.

Changelog 2.10
- Remove lastdir.txt after switching to another device to fix a crash that occurs if the previous visited directory cannot be found in the current device.
- Fix cancel button not being used under settings menu.
- Fix menu title in device settings.
- Fix playing speed on down-sampled MP3 audio files.
- Updated dr_libs to the latest version. (dr_wav/dr_flac).
- Minor clean up to decoder functions.
- Allow app to visit any directory with unsafe mode. (This is the reason for making this app "unsafe")

Changelog 1.10
- Fixed filename not being displayed for MP3s with no ID3 tags.
- Get module name for IT, MOD, S3M and XM files.
- Add OPUS support.
- Display cover image for FLAC if found. (might be slow to load if its a large image file)
- Added basic touch support in audio player.
- Press start to power off display and keep music playing in background. (Thanks to theFlow for the power locking code).
- If an audio file has stopped playing the next file in the folder will be played (if it exists).

- Seeking is not yet implemented.
- Some folders do not show anything and the app appears to be frozen - Press start to exit and re-open the app.


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20/07/19 - 11:15 pm

Vita Homebrew Browser


Browse, download, and launch Vita homebrews!.


Vita Homebrew Browser v00.91 by devnoname120

Vita HomeBrew Browser is the first application that compiles most of the scene's homebrew and lets them easily install from a nice interface, supported by the vitadb of rinnegatamante API.

Changelog 0.91
- Fix icons extraction

Changelog 0.90
- Support for auto updating VHBB. No need to manually download the latest version now!
- Add search functionality to find specific homebrews.
- Opening VHBB when connected to a hotspot will now redirect to the connection page.
- Improve button navigation. Can now go down in list by keeping down button pressed down.
- Add joystick support for moving in lists.
- Fix download progress bar 'jumping' around on certain downloads.
- Various stability improvements.

Changelog 0.83
- Fix crash when trying to load an invalid icon or screenshot.
- Press on *Click here for debug logs* on livearea to write debug logs to ux0:/log/. Note that VHBB needs to be completely closed before clicking this button or this won't work.

Changelog 0.82
- Support for TLS 1.2 (fix network error when downloading from bintray.com)


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04/06/19 - 04:16 pm

Shortcuts Enhancer


# Shortcuts Enhancer**Simple app to enhance the shortcuts on the PS Vitaindex menu.**


Shortcuts Enhancer v02.00 by Gdljjrod

With this app, you can create custom images linked to any PS Vita app/game for the shortcuts shown in the PS Vita index menu, also, you can select between the icon or the startup image of your app/game to create the shrotcut preview.

When creating the preview images, you can choose between a bunch of colorfull backgrounds (when icon0 is selected, thanks to moody b) to make your shortcuts look the way you want them.

Changelog 2.00
- Added compatibility with new official XML (blue icons).
- Added option to restore official XML (press and hold L&R).

Changelog 1.01
- Whatsnew.xml links fixed, ONEmenu was linked instead of Vitashell by default.

- Whatsnew.xml read/write issue fixed.

## Controls are as follows: ##

The front touch pad is enabled in this app for some functions :)

- Up/Down (Dir Pad)Scroll trough game/app list.

- Right/Left (Dir Pad)Change preview background.

- R/L or Touch Pad (Or tap the preview highlight it)Switch shortcut preview.

- Square Switch between Icon0/Startup/Custom image.

- Accept Set the selected preview to appear in the index menu (restart required).

- Triangle Set all 3 previews to appear in the index menu (restart required).

- SELECT or Touch Pad (Or double tap at the bottom of the screen) To show controls menu

- START Go back to Livearea (when doing changes a restart is needed for changes to take effect).

Just in case you want to create your own images with PS or any other image editor, all you have to do is resize them to 282*108, rename them to the game id in upper case letters,save them as png format and place them in the following path

*ux0:data/SHORTCUTS/1MENUVITA.PNG* (as an example XD)

Also, if you want to use your own font for the previews you can place your font file at



**u/CaSquall** for sharing their images in [Vitahacks]

**IndexMenuMaker by Moody_Blues** https://hackusagi.hateblo.jp/entry/IndexMenuMaker

**QuickLaunch Installer by 1upus** https://github.com/1upus/QuickLaunch_installer_for_PSVita


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26/05/19 - 02:32 am

Easy Downgrader Updater for PS Vita


Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita


Easy Downgrader Updater for PS Vita v01.03 by BaltazaR4

# Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita (Formerly 365 U/D H)
**Downgrade/Update your PS Vita the easy way without a PC.**


This simple app will help you install/download the nedeed apps and files to get your PS Vita updated/Downgraded to your FW selection between 3 to choose from.

**This app was created for people without access to any PC, or for those who want to do the whole process right on the PS Vita.**

Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita Current Version: 1.03

1. **To be able to install and use this app you must have either Trinity, H-encore or Henkaku installed**

2. After taking care of step 1, now you can think of what FW suits you best.

Changelog 1.03
Added the option to download and save the PUP files to ux0:data/PUPS/ (127mb ea), choose yes/no for each version.
Added Enso version autodetect to avoid reinstalling chosen Enso version if the app was found.
Added the possibility to translate warning messages in (lang).txt.
Added Japanese and French language.
Fixed bug when exiting Enso Menu, now it goes to Main Menu instead of PUP Menu.

Changelog 1.02
- Added Enso for 3.60 and 3.65

Changelog 1.01

- App name changed to Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita.

- Added install Modoru, if not found, when FW PUP is chosen.

- Added Download FW PUP screen, 3 to choose from.

- Added option to cancel download.

- Added savedata personalization.

- Cleaned code a bit.

Changelog 1.0
- Warning screens right at the start :).

- Ability to install H-encore, Modoru, Enso v1.1 (Main).

- Ability to download 3.65 PUP and move it to Modoru (Main).

- Ability to install Memecore (3.60 users).

- Ability to reinstall Memecore/H-encore savedata (3.60 users).


**Easy Downgrader/Updater for PS Vita is packed with English and Spanish lang files.**

If you like to add any other language feel free to upload the .txt to this repo or contact us:

- Gdljjrod (https://twitter.com/gdljjrod).
- BaltazaR4 (https://twitter.com/baltazarregala4).

Remember to only translate the text between "".

## Controls: ##

*Main Menu*

For warning screens!!: Please read them, thats why we put them in there!! :).

- **O:** FW Download scetion, choose the desired FW PUP and press "X" to start downloading.

- **Triangle:** Install Modoru.

- **Square:** Install Enso v1.1.

- **X:** Install H-encore.

- **Select:** Extra Options.

*Extra Options*

- **X:** Install Memecore (3.60 users who want to stay there).

- **R + UP:** Reinstall H-encore savedata.

- **L + UP:** Reinstall Memecore savedata.


**Memecore is recommended for 3.60 only, for 3.65 or above you must use H-encore except for 3.69-70.
(After installing H-encore/Memecore, this app will restart your PS Vita and DB will be updated, No changes to bubble layout).**

## How to use this app? ##

*To Install 3.65 Enso on your console*

To Update from 3.60 or Downgrade from 3.67, .68, .69, .70 to 3.65 with Enso do as follows:

1. Make sure your battery is 70% or over (50% recommended by Modoru).

2. Press Circle and select 3.65 UPDATE (this will also install Modoru if not found).

3. Press Square to install Enso v1.1 App.

4. Press Cross to install H-encore (only if you are in 3.60 so you can have H-encore installed once you Update).

5. After the PS Vita restart, reactivate HEN if you have to, Disable all plugins and restart again (you can use autoplugin to do so or reset taihen config.txt).

6. Once the PS Vita has restarted, reactivate HEN if you have to, launch Modoru and follow the instructions.

7. After the Downgrade/Update process is done, reactivate HEN, launch Enso v1.1 and follow the instructions.

If everything went as planned... Congrats!! now you have a Ensoed 3.65 PS Vita.


*To Go back to 3.60 from higher versions and Enso it*

1. Make sure your battery is 70% or over (50% recommended by Modoru).


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14/05/19 - 11:30 pm



Simple application to use youtube on PSVITA


Tubevita v01.07 by theheroGAC

Simple application to use youtube on PSVITA.
You do not need to register on Youtube to watch the videos.

Changelog 1.07
- Clean code
- now go directly to the youtube mobile page

Changelog 1.05
- Fix(2) reboot problem on youtube (Yes Now Work).

Changelog 1.01
- Added splash screen
- Added some initial code for the next releases
- Ordered code

Changelog 1.00
- First Release

- Team ONElua.
- TheFloW Pkg installer & USB Modules.
- Yifan-lu, XYZ and Davee and every coder and dev contributing to Vitasdk.
- Team Molecule for Henkaku.


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24/03/19 - 07:52 pm



DVD Logo screensaver.


DVDLogo v01.00 by caghandemir

A clone of the DVD screensaver used by old DVD players used lpp-vita.


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08/03/19 - 07:24 pm

Manga Downloader


Download manga straight to your PS Vita.


Manga Downloader v02.50 by MyLegGuy

This versatile application allows you to download manga from several sites directly to your console, and easily.

Changelog 2.50
- Fix a script
- Remove a broken script
- Use system font instead of Liberation Sans
- Add repeat to dpad

# Supported
* dynasty-scans.com
* mangahere.cc
* mangareader.net
* webtoons.com
* Maybe a little bonus?

# How_to
It's moron-proof.

1. Select Download.
2. Select website.
3. Select download mode.
4. Select manga series.
5. Select chapter.
6. Press done.
7. Wait for download to finish.

Refer to the digital manual for more information. (Can be accessed from the LiveArea.)

*Downloads are saved to ux0:data/LUAMANGAS/Manga/.*

You may ask questions in the *issues* section on github.
Make sure you check the digital manual first, though.


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The Wiki Homebrew project, was born as a way to have a collection of all the homebrews of a specific scene, since the time of the PSP scene, it was tried to do through ONEinstaller, even though the project was ambiguous worked perfectly to have a collection of all the homebrews, even though it was finally removed a year later due to several problems with the database,

Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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