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08/02/20 - 02:44 am



Port of Heart of Darkness for Vita.


hode v00.28 by usineur

hode is a rewrite of the engine used in the game Heart of Darkness made by Amazing Studio.

- Install hode.vpk using VitaShell
- Copy all datafiles (see README.txt) and hode.ini into ux0:data/hode
- Edit hode.ini and set scale_factor value to 1 and fullscreen to true
- Enjoy

- [pad]: Move Andy
- [cross]: Run
- [circle]: Jump
- [square]: Use weapon / power
- [start]/[select]: Skip cutscene / Menu access

The original datafiles from the Windows releases (Demo or CD) are required.
- hod.paf (hod_demo.paf, hod_demo2.paf)
- setup.dat
- *_hod.lvl
- *_hod.sss
- *_hod.mst


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20/01/20 - 12:36 am



Port of FumiFumiKick's doujin game TailTale


TailTale v01.00 by dots_tb

Game by fumi2kick, rerofumi and pyonkey-matsuo TI Nspire by gameblabla

Vita and restored port by dots_tb

It's a puzzle game, kind of like Tetris Attack for SNES.


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19/01/20 - 03:48 am



Multi-functional file manager for PS Vita.


VitaShell v02.02 by TheFloW


VitaShell is an alternative replacement of the PS Vita's LiveArea. It offers you a file manager, package installer, built-in FTP and much more.
This homebrew was an entry of the Revitalize PS Vita homebrew competition and won the first prize. HENkaku's molecularShell is also based on VitaShell.

- Team Molecule for HENkaku
- xerpi for ftpvitalib and vita2dlib
- wololo for the Revitalize contest
- sakya for Lightmp3
- Everybody who contributed on vitasdk

Changelog 2.01
- Reverted PSM refresh due to crashes.

Changelog 2.01
- Added ability to refresh PSM games. Thanks to KuromeSan.
- Added support for FW 3.57 and 3.73 Thanks to RealYoti.

Changelog 2.00
- Added support for FW 3.71/3.72

Changelog 1.98
- Improved "Refresh LiveArea". Thanks to TheRadziu.

Changelog 1.97
- Added support for symlinks which enables ability to set and show bookmarks and recent files. Thanks to abertschi.
- Added a few shortcuts: left+[]: show bookmarks, left+/\: show recent files, left+O: QR scanner.
- Fixed bug in ad-hoc dialog where X is always the enter button.

Changelog 1.96
- Added ability to skip pages in file browser and SFO viewer using L/R triggers.
(QR download has been temporarily removed and will be reimplemented later).
- Added ability to move files between partitions by copying&removing.
- Fixed bug where the option to disable warning message was not saved.
- Undone usb changes because people reported an issue with vpk installation with it.

Changelog 1.95
- Added option to disable warning messages when installing vpks.
- Fixed bug in USB connection, where your Memory Card could be corrupted.
- Fixed line breaks in SFO files and long names will now scroll.
- Fixed compatibility with `udcd_uvc.skprx ` thanks to xerpi.

Changelog 1.94
- Added ability to umount all partitions that you can mount.
- Fixed crash when using StorageMgr.

Changelog 1.93
- Added xmc0: to partition list and added ability to mount xmc0:.
- Fixed ux0: mounting bug where it wasn't detected that the gamesd has already been mounted.

Changelog 1.92
- Added ability to mount gamesd ux0:
- Fixed bug where the VitaShell kernel module was loaded but not started, thus it'd run out of memory after some launches.

Changelog 1.91
- Added ability to create new files, thanks to abertschi.
- Added ability to skip last dir by holding L on startup.
- Added support for firmware 3.68.


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17/01/20 - 12:24 am



Allows you to change CPU affinity mask and which increases their performance.


AffinityChanger v01.00 by Graphene

This application allows you to change CPU affinity mask of some PS Vita system applications to all user cores, which increases their performance.

Sets cpu affinity mask for the following applications: Friends, Trophies, Music, Messages, Settings, Checker(uncomment in src if needed), Parental Controls.

- This will only work with reF00D for now.


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16/01/20 - 12:04 am



Vectoroids Vita port


vectoroids v01.00 by dots_tb

Vectoroids is a game created by Bill Kendrick based on Agendaroids in 2001. Agendaroids was based on the classic Asteroids. The readme packaged with the source provides more information.
This version of Vectoroids was a port for the Wii by MiniK.

Thus the timeline is as follows:
Asteroids -> Cloned into Agendaroids for Agenda VR3 by Bill Kendrick -> Recreated for SDL for a "SDL Game Under 1 Megabyte" contest held by No Starch Press / Loki Entertainment Software by Bill Kendrick-> Ported to Wii by MiniK -> Ported to Vita by me.

- [pad]: move, Hold the Vita (or controller) sideways.
- [ps]: Exit to loader.
- [start]: Return to menu.
- [cross]: Shoot.
- [circle]: Thrust.

- New Breed Software
- MiniK
- Team Molecule
- VitaSDK and GCC authors
- rsn8887, Cpasjuste, xerpi for SDL-Vita
- The Vita homebrew community as a whole. (Especially CBPS)


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15/01/20 - 04:30 pm



This useful tool allows you to un/install most of the available plugins in a quick and simple way.


Autoplugin v04.19 by theheroGAC

Autoplugin, is a tool that through a graphical interface, facilitates the installation/ management of most of the plugins available in the Scene Vita.

Changelog 4.19
- Update Music Premium plugin by cuevavirus
- Added Volume Control Pack by GrapheneCT

Changelog 4.17
- Added LowMemMode plugin by GrapheneCt
- Update Vitagrafix v5.0.2 by Electry

Changelog 3.94
- Added 2 new official xerpi plugins udcd-uvc screen off during use LCD or OLED
- Update xerpi plugins udcd-uvc

Changelog 3.90
- divided from the original TheFlow plugin to that of LMAN. Now you can install one or the other.
- Added 2 new unofficial xerpi plugins udcd-uvc screen off during use LCD or OLED

Changelog 3.87
Some fix thanks Team Onelua
Updated languages thank you @yexun1995 @Kouchan66 @LimonChoms

Changelog 3.85
- FIX Vitastick problem on Autoplugin (thanks Team Onelua)
- Update language Chinese and Japanese thanks @yexun1995 @Kouchan66 @gvaldebenit

Changelog 3.84
- Add GTA Remastered V1 AND V2 by TheFlOW
- Add Vitastick by xerpi
- Updated all languages thanks @yexun1995 @Kouchan66 @gvaldebenit

Changelog 3.83
- Add GTA Native Resolution Patch by TheFlOW (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Updated all languages thanks @yexun1995 @Kouchan66 @gvaldebenit

Changelog 3.82
- Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 @Kouchan66
- Fix Installed Plugins List Disappears (thanks Team Onelua)
- Adds vitacheat plugin for 3.60 (thanks NanospeedGame for test)
- Clean Code.... and fix

Changelog 3.81
- Adds the FreePSM plugin of SilicaAndPina

Changelog 3.80
- Fix 1 bug for Polish users (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Updated all languages thanks @yexun1995 @Koucha- n66
- Update shellbat thank you nowrep

Changelog 3.79
- Added new option to update to H-ENCORE 2 thank you Team OneLua
- Code cleaning thank you Team OneLua
- Added Russian and Turkish language thanks
- Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 kouchan @Schn1ek3 and other

Changelog 3.78
- Added InfiniteNet plugin by Rinnegatamante
- Added nosleep plugin by NamelessGhoul0
- Added vita-ps4linkcontrols plugin by nowrep
- Removed Netcheck_bypass plugin by yifanlu
- The Minivitatv plugin still causes problems. Let's wait TheFloW for a stable release

Changelog 3.77
- Fix another bug for Turkish users (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Fix 1 bug for plugins update (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 @gvaldebenit
- Update Vgi and VitaGrafix thank you Electry
- Added Netcheck_bypass plugin by yifanlu
- Added Polish language thank you Weediee

Changelog 3.76
- Fix 1 bug for Turkish users (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Fix 1 bug for custom boot splash (Thanks Team OneLua)
- Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 @gvaldebenit
- Update Vitabright thank you devnoname

Thanks to
- Team OneLua
- TheFloW
- yifanlu
- qwikrazor87
- CelesteBlue
- FAPS Team
- devnoname120
- bamhm182
- nowrep
- frangarcj
- xyzz
- xerpi
- Rinnegatamante
- Applelo
- joel16
- dots-tb
- Princess of sleeping
- Hack-Usagi
- SilicaAndPina
- OperationNT414C
- Electry
- SKGleba
- chronoss09
- Yoti

NanospeedGamer(thank you big friend)

- NanospeedGamer/RY0M43CH1Z3N/gvaldebenit for translation in Spanish
- SridentPSV/chronoss09/dragtaz for translation in French
- MrGhidini/d1l4y for translation in portugueseBr
- GreekMans for translation in Greek
- Kouchan/kood_infothief/Umineko1993 for translation in Japanese
- Omoinemie/yexun1995 for translation in Chinese
- taiwan-no1 for translation in Traditional Chinese
- AlbertonRD/Schn1ek3 for translation in German
- theheroGAC for translation in Italian


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15/01/20 - 03:29 am



3D fighting game


VitaFighters v00.92 by AngryDevs

AngryDevs bring us his new fighting game for the Vita. This game was made as his entry to the #VitaJAM2019

What's new? v0.5
- Kakashi Hatake from Naruto was added!


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15/01/20 - 12:30 am



ioquake3 port for PSVITA.


vitaQuakeIII v00.90 by Rinnegatamante

ioquake3 is an improved source port of idTech 3, the engine running Quake III: Arena.
vitaQuakeIII actually supports Quake III: Arena, OpenArena, Urban Terror and Quake III: Team Arena.


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15/01/20 - 12:16 am

VitaGrafix Configurator


A GUI Configurator for the VitaGrafix plugin.


VitaGrafix Configurator v03.00 by Kirezar

It allows to make configurations in a simple way through a GUI to the VitaGrafix plugin.

- This app requires the instalation of plugin VitaGrafix by Electry.
- The configurator is compatible with *VitaGrafix v4.0*


After opening the app, if you don't have a *config.txt* file on *ux0:/data/VitaGrafix* or it wasn't updated to the latest version, the app will do that for you.

You'll be greeted by a VitaGrafix Settings screen, which contains the override settings for Enabled and OSD

Changelog 3.0
- Added support for VitaGrafix 5.0+

- Don't forget to keep your patchlist.txt updated at https://github.com/Electry/VitaGrafixPatchlist

Changelog 2.1
- MSAA option added for compatible games
- Sorted games alphabetically again
- Display installed games only option
- Safeguard against crashing when the patchlist.txt file isn't copied correctly.
- Fixed some little bugs


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15/01/20 - 12:06 am



BreakOut clone for PSVITA


VitOut v01.30 by Dane64

A BreakOut/Arkanoid clone for PSVITA/PSTV

Known Bugs
- Ball is able to go beyond wall boundaries at the moment
- Ball could destroy multiple lines of bricks when hit from the side

Special Thanks
Vitadev Package manager for releasing the SDK
captaincrunch80 for publishing/sharing .ogg sounds
I would like to thank the developers of Vita3K to help me create my content at a faster pace.


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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