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19/01/19 - 12:00 am



FTP Server for the PSVita.


FTPVita v01.10 by Xerpi

From the hands of the Xerpi developer, FTPvita arrives which is the first application that allows to mount an FTP server in the console and have access to multiple partitions, all this thanks to its libftpvita.

- Thanks to yifanlu for Rejuvenate and UVLoader :D
- Thanks to 173210 and everybody who contributed to psp2sdk.
- Thanks to Cirne and everybody who contributed to vita-toolchain.
- Also thanks to everybody who has helped me on #vitadev :P


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18/01/19 - 03:50 pm



Super Nintendo emulator for PlayStation VITA w/ support 2 players.


CATSFC-libretro-vita v01.30 by skogaby & Malachi

CATSFC-libretro-vita is a Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator, ported to the Vita,
It has a nice and simple interface, which will facilitate its configuration and use, plus the possibility of 2 players was added!.

- icon0 by ACViper.
- Based on:
- Snes9x 1.43, by the Snes9x team (with research by the ZSNES folks, anomie,
zsKnight, etc.)
- NDSSFC 1.06, by the Supercard team (porting to the MIPS processor)
- BAGSFC, by BassAceGold (improving over NDSSFC)
- CATSFC, by ShadauxCat and Nebuleon (improving over BAGSFC)
- CATSFC-libretro, a libretro-compliant port of CATSFC

Changelog 1.30
- Port to PS Vita.
- Support for local multiplayer on PSTV using 2 connected wireless controllers. Simply connect the second controller and it will automatically work in the emulator using the same button configurations as player 1.
- Support for the SNES mouse. I've only tested it in Mario Paint, but it seems to be working fine. Control the mouse with the left analog stick or right analog stick. Use cross, square, or L to left-click. Use circle, triangle, or R for right click. Enable either the gamepad or the mouse using the Options tab in the menu.


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05/10/18 - 01:52 am

Easy DS3


Simple interface to support beginners to use Ds3vita.


Easy DS3 v01.01 by DevDavisNunez

This small application helps you to know the bluetooth address of your psvita, and it tells you some small steps to connect a ps3 control using the ds3vita of @Xerpi.

- [up]/[down]: Browse the menu actions.
- [cross]: Perform the action selected in the menu.

Changelog 1.0
- Initial release.
- Added automatic network update. app will now notify you when there's a new update.
- Show bluetooth address and some small steps in screen.
- Install, enable/disable Ds3 Vita plugin of @Xerpi.

If you want to help translate in your language, do not hesitate to contact me, please submit an issue or pull request.

- Add more stuff (Suggestions are accepted).
The source code is too rudimentary and I hope to improve it :( , I wish to dedicate more time in the scene and do it soon.

- BaltazaR4 for translation in english_us!.
- Raziel Meile for translation in spanish!.
- Xerpi for Awesome plugin ds3vita!.

Report bugs
if you see something wrong, please submit an issue or pull request.


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The Wiki Homebrew project, was born as a way to have a collection of all the homebrews of a specific scene, since the time of the PSP scene, it was tried to do through ONEinstaller, even though the project was ambiguous worked perfectly to have a collection of all the homebrews, even though it was finally removed a year later due to several problems with the database,

Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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