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31/01/19 - 03:47 pm

Pickr VITA


Pickr3DS port for PS VITA.


Pickr VITA v01.10 by joel16

PickrVITA is a port of the game Pickr3DS by BernardoGiordano. The original idea was founded by Sean M. Tracey. The objective of the game is to tap the odd colour found on the screen until you run out of lives.

- Sean M. Tracey, for the original game.
- Madebyoliver, for the heart icon.
- BernardoGiordano, for the 3DS port.
- Arkanite, for the touch input code and libVitaAudio.

Changelog 1.1
- Now includes both timer and non timer mode.
- Includes sounds. (thanks to Arkanite for libVitaAudio)
- Now count the amount you have scored in a row. (Wrong color resets the *in a row* count).
- Most if not all features are identical to the actual game.
- Includes a pause menu that can be triggered by hitting start.
- Ability to end game by pause menu.


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31/01/19 - 03:35 pm

VITA Forecast


VITAforecast is a weather application that determines the current weather in your area.


VITA Forecast v01.00 by joel16

VITAforecast is a weather application that determines the current weather in your area (provided a zip code, and country code. -> example 07009, us). This application makes use of a free weather service API offered from openweathermap.org, and parses the data to extract relevant details.

- Current temperature (Including minimum and max on current day), in both degrees C/F.
- Short description on current atmospheric condition.
- Humidity
- Cloudiness
- Wind speed in both km/h or mph.
- Atmospheric pressure.

Please enter your zip code correctly and use common letters *only*. For example:
Format: zipcode, id

- wv1,gb = Wolverhampton, UK
- 07001,us = Avenel, US
- 75008,fr = Palais-Royal, FR

- Square: Re-enter zip code and ID.
- Start: Exit app.
- Triangle: Refresh data (although it already does this in the background).

- nickelad for helping me out with HTTP functions.
- preetisketch for designing the GUI background and the banner.
- d3stroy from deviantart for the current atmosphere icons.
- MerlinTheRed from deviantart for the app icon0.


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30/01/19 - 03:29 pm



Basic & minimalistic 2D puzzle game.


StarKiller2D v01.00 by Freakler

This is a basic & minimalistic 2D puzzle game using vita2Dlib by xerpi, The game is not meant to look pretty with a lot of fancy graphics but further stay in a somewhat *text-based-adventure-way*. This release has 54 Levels currently and there also is a level editor for even more fun.

Big thanks to everyone in the scene for making homebrew finally possible and of course special thanks to Gdljjrod, Largeroliker, Red Squirrel, Nzaki & Tuxbot for their translations!


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27/01/19 - 01:45 am

Prince Of Persia


An open-source port of Prince of Persia for the PS VITA


Prince Of Persia v01.12 by Cpasjuste

In Prince of Persia is a port of the game of 1989, the character moves through several levels jumping, running, clinging to protrusions and walking cautiously, avoiding traps that abound in the scenarios. He must also face different enemies that get in his way by beating his cutlass (a type of sword).

- [cross] = Walk/Action
- [circle] = Jump
- [triangle] = Right/Up (jump right)
- [square] = Left/Up (jump left)
- [l]/[r] = Toggle screen fit / 2x integer scaling
- [select]/[start] = Quit

- consolex-bordeaux for his donation
- xerpi for his initial SDL2 port
- All the people involved in the vitasdk


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27/01/19 - 01:23 am

Zelda Oni Link Begins


Zelda Oni Link Begins port for PSVITA.


Zelda Oni Link Begins v01.50 by Rinnegatamante

Port of Zelda: Oni Link Begins, fanmade Zelda game sequel of Zelda Return of the Hylian (already ported to PSVITA by usineur), for PSVITA.
It has also been translated to several languages, it now currently supports english, spanish, francais and italian.

Brought down by a terrible curse since his recent victory on the Dark Lord, Link is changing, day by day, into a powerful creature with a destructive nature named Oni-Link. Bannished from Hyrule, the young hylian asks the princess Zelda some help. She shows him his last hope: a portal to a secret world.

When in game press L + Square to show the help menu with all the controls to correctly play the game

- rsn8887 for fixing shaders for vitaGL usage.
- ocornut for dear ImGui
- Vincent Jouillat for the original game
- All my Patreon supporters for their awesome support


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27/01/19 - 01:04 am



BreakVeetOut is an arcade game made for PS Vita.


BreakVeetOut v01.00 by dal3boy & Ruben_Wolfe

BreakVeetOut is an arcade game created for ReVitalize, ported to henkaku from the hands of dal3boy, allows us to try a game BreakOut/ Arkanoid in our console Vita.
For now there is only 15 levels (but will add it more later...)

- Left pad, Left analog, L trig: move left
- Right pad, Right analog and R trig: move right
- X: start
- Triangle - start bot (auto bot play)

Changelog 1.0
- Added a pause option(press start) and fixed the code a bit.


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27/01/19 - 12:51 am

Game of life


Conway's game of life for Vita.


Game of life v01.00 by Ruben_Wolfe

The game is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, requiring no further input. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves, or, for advanced players, by creating patterns with particular properties.

- menu is touch based
- Move one block: right analog stick
- Navigate(fast): dpad
- Place a cell using CROSS
- Remove a cell-CIRCLE


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27/01/19 - 12:41 am



Vita first Snake game.


RejuveSnake v01.00 by Ruben_Wolfe

Snake games have been around for almost 40 years and I proudly announce that PS Vita now has one native too.

- Move: D-Pad
- Pause: Start button
- Back to main menu: Select
- Everything else in the menus is touch based.
- Colors (RGB) can be set using either touch screen or D-Pad.

- coded using vitasdk and xepi vita2dlib.


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27/01/19 - 12:19 am

Switch SD2Vita


Switch your mount point between ux0 and uma0 easily for your SD2Vita!


Switch SD2Vita v02.10 by Applelo

Switch SD2Vita is a simple homebrew which simplify the setup to install and manage SD2VITA drivers for both ux0:/ and uma0:/ mounting points. You can also switch to another mount point if you want (xmc0, imc0, grw0)

The homebrew need an unsafe access to edit the ur0:/tai/config.txt file if you choose to have your SDVita like an ux0: memory. If you are scary, you can check the code and build the homebrew

Release 2.1
- Update PSVita-StorageMgr to 3.0 #16
- Add switch option to add MCD to a new config file #14
- A lot of improvements inside (always :p)
- ImgBot reduce image file size by 20% #17

Release 2.0
- Use PSVita-StorageMgr instead of gamesdcard-microsd (thanks to @CelesteBlue-dev)
- You can choose what mount point you want for your gamesdcard
- Support the 3.68 PSVita Version
- A lot of improvements inside :D

Release 1.3
- Support the 3.65/3.67 PSVita Version (thanks to @TheOfficialFloW & @ArkSource)

Release 1.2
- Detect old installation (1.0 version with uma0 config)
- Small change in menu
- Rename ux0:tai folder
- Update PSVita database on switch
- Add an official changelog
- Fix, always fix :)

- Developed & maintained by Applelo
- yosh for the pull request #5 with fixes
- Tuxbot123 for the idea and the bubble customization
- wababc for test and suggestion
- Celestblue-dev for StorageMgr plugin
- All people bringing pull requests to this project
- Team Molecule for HENkaku and taihen
- All people contributed to VitaSDK
- xerpi for the library vita2D
- The_FloW for file functions and HENkaku 3.65/3.68
- KanadeEngel for database trick
- My master, MisterAlex


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26/01/19 - 05:05 pm

QuickLaunch Installer


This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.


QuickLaunch Installer v00.51 by 1upus

** About **

This tool installs custom shortcuts to multitasking menu (push PS button on LiveArea) on HomeBrew enabled PS Vita.

Default shortcuts for installation:

Adrenaline v6+
** Multilanguage support **

QL installer does automatically load the language that matches to the current system language. If your system language is for example russian, it will load from 'ux0:data/qlinstall/lang/russian.txt'.

Please use ux0:data/qlinstall/lang/english_us.txt as base to make your translations.

Also you can use custom .ttf font specific to your language. Just put it to ux0:data/qlinstall/resources/%language%.ttf

File naming for translations *.txt and fonts *.ttf:




















If your translation doesnt loading automaticly, it can miss some strings, so check actual english_us.txt to fix it.

If you have incorrect width of default font chars, try to use russian.ttf as custom font and rename to %language%.ttf it may fix problem with cyrillic languages.

Please report me if it helps and your language, I'll make needed font loading automatic.

Also you can add you custom translation to my repo, just fork it and add your translation to "translations" folder and make pull request.

** Todo: **

Add support for userfriendly custom shortcuts installation.

Add translation download from repo if exists

** Thx **

App created with LUA and based on sources by Team OneLua. https://github.com/ONElua/


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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