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11/02/19 - 10:49 pm



Syobon Action (aka Cat Mario/Neko Mario) port for PSVITA.


OpenSyobon v01.00 by Rinnegatamante

OpenSyobon Vita is a port of Syobon Action (aka NekoMario / CatMario), a frustrating platform game inspired to Super Mario Bros, for PSVITA based on the 3DS port of OpenSyobon by nop90.
OpenSyobon Vita has a completely reworked audio engine which uses ogg tracks instead of raw ones. This allowed to use better versions of BGM files (for example the Cheetahmen theme is the full one and not just a 15 secs ripped part).

- [cross]: Jump.
- [r]: Speedup the game.
- [pad]: Move the character.

- nop90 for the 3DS port which i used as base to port it to PSVITA.
- EasyRPG Team for the audio decoder i used to write the new audio engine.


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11/02/19 - 10:35 pm

Plugins Manager


A plugin manager for PS Vita.


Plugins Manager v02.50 by kylon

Create a plugins folder in (ur0/ux0):tai and place there your plugins Changes are not saved automatically, you must open the menu and select Save config.txt once done.

Left / Right - switch section
Up / Down - select plugin/section
Triangle - show menu
Circle - cancel / exit application
Cross - accept
Supported paths
ur0:tai/plugins (preferred)
ur0:adrenaline (preferred)
default henkaku.suprx path
Plugins Manager special sections
Enabled: An overview of your config file, ie all your enabled plugins
Disabled: All the plugins that are not enabled anywhere, ie in no app.
All Plugins: A complete list of your plugins (see supported paths)
Other options
You can disable an entire section to disable its plugins
You can reload your config.txt within Plugins Manager if you want to undo your current changes
You can delete your plugins within Plugins Manager (Disabled section only)


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11/02/19 - 09:16 pm



Port of 2048 for PSVITA/PSTV.


2048 v01.00 by FantaHourglass

From the hands of the developer FantaHourglass, we get a port with excellent appearance of the mythical game 2048, created in March 2014 by the Italian web developer of 19 years Gabriele Cirulli, whose goal is to slide tiles into a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048.


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10/02/19 - 12:49 am

Chip and Dale


Chip and Dale Remastered PSVita port


Chip and Dale v01.00 by tijesef

The developer tijesef has launched a new port for PSVITA called Chip and Dale Remastered.

It is the famous remake of the game NES Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, open source and completely free. All levels of the original game have been recreated block by block with new graphics, physics and an improved game.

- Stick or D-Pad: Move.
- [cross]: Pick or throw box.
- [circle]: Jump.
- You can also press [circle] in main menu to switch between ORIGINAL and REMIX audio. (or disable audio entierly)

- YellowAfterlife (helped with audio)


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05/02/19 - 01:58 am



Sync Simple a game made available for Win/ iOS/ Android and now PlayStation Vita!


SYNC SIMPLE v01.00 by tijesef

Sync Simple is a tunnel shooter that comes with a basic level progression system, boss fights, and upgrades tied to your ship's capability to take damage. The level changes whenever you eliminate twenty-four aliens in the current area, and though the game starts out easy the enemies will eventually start to weave around and shoot back at you with their own weapons.

- [cross]: Start / Shoot.
- [left]: Move left.
- [right]: Move right.
- Analogue stick isn't supported. (and isnt required, it's really better when using dpad)


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04/02/19 - 11:52 pm



Blindness - PSP / PS Vita / PS TV Game.


Blindness v02.00 by Applelo

Originally developed on PSP and ported to PSVita, Blindness is little addictive game where the rapidity and the memory are very useful. You need to use the joystick to navigate through the screen like an eye which move in the darkness. In game, you use your buttons (cross, circle, square and triangle) to correspond the shape in the screen with your "eye" to grab all the shapes present on the screen.
The game proposes 4 different cool modes:

- Black & White: The original mode with only one color, you need to change only your eye shape
- Colorful: Original mode with 3 different colors (red, green, blue), you need to change your eye shape and color.
- Recto Black & White: You don't need to choose your shape! Just grab shape which correspond with your eye.
- Recto Colorful: You don't need to choose your shape or your color! Just grab shape which correspond with your eye.

This game is available in English & French and for PSP and PSVita/PS TV.
The difficulty is progressive.

This game is not recommended to people who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy because they are some effect which create epileptic crisis... Sorry.

- Navigation: Left joystick (Only for PS Vita/PS TV)
- Change color of your eye in Colorfull or Recto Colorful mode: L / R
- Change shape of your eye: Cross/Square/Triangle/Circle

Changelog 2.00
- New
- Color mode
- Recto Mode for Black & White and Color
- Statistics at the end of the game
- The shapes captured have now a particle effect
- Pause Menu
- Compatible for PSVita, PSTV
- Add cool stuff for PSTV version (rumble & lightbar)
- This changelog is also available in PSVita/PSTV

- Modification
- The difficulties are now progressive for Black & White mode
- Change default PSP font with Ubuntu-Font
- Credits modification
- Options modification
- Save system change
- Bugs correction
- Controls change depending on device:
- PSP - directionnal axe
- PSVita/PSTV - left joystick

- Developed by Applelo
- Thanks gdljjrod, Davis Nunez & Rober Galarga for the ONELua
- Tested by Tuxbot123, yaounshow, Macrey and Wirus
- Shine for particle sample and the people made Ubuntu-Font

## What's next ###
- Send your score online
- Versus mode (only on PSVita version)
- And more :p


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04/02/19 - 11:31 pm

Custom Protocol


A shortcut app to access quickly to CTP Website.


Custom Protocol v01.00 by Applelo

A small app to access quickly to [Custom Protocol](http://customprotocol.com) Website.

- Created by Applelo
- Wallolo & CTP Logo by Windvern
- Icons by Google Material Design Team
- Bubble by Tuxbot123 inspired by Windvern design


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04/02/19 - 11:21 pm



Discord Client for PS Vita / PS TV.


VitaCord v01.51 by coderx3

This useful application allows you to use discord from PS Vita / TV, Send and receive messages in Guilds / Servers and Direct Messages, all from the comfort of your console!

- coderx3 (devingDev)
- Arkanite
- XandridFire
- SKGleba
- Rinnegatamante
- xyz
- noname120
- davee

Changelog 1.5
- Full UI by [Arkanite](https://github.com/ArkSource).
- System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

Changelog 1.06
- Limited rendering to a MAX/MIN Y-Axis to prevent crashing when too many channels are loaded.
- Fixed keyboard bugs.

Changelog 1.05
- LiveArea from [T3CHNOLOGIC](https://github.com/T3CHNOLOG1C/).
- Multithreading, so the app doesnt softlock when it refreshes channel messages)
- Implemented word wrapping, does not work with long lines without spaces)
- Password is now hidden.

Changelog 1.04
- Under the hood code rewrite
- New UI
- Added the ability to send an recieve DMs
- Press L to switch fonts. (Will be removed soon.)

Changelog 1.03
- Added 2FA.

Changelog 1.02
- Added logging to file for error reporting.

Changelog 1.01
- Added scrolling.
- Disable voice channels, since they do not work currently.


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04/02/19 - 10:40 pm

Lua Player Plus Vita


Lua Player Plus Vita is the first lua interpreter made for the Sony PlayStation Vita.


Lua Player Plus Vita v00.60 by Rinnegatamante

*Lua Player Plus Vita* is the first lua interpreter made for the Sony PlayStation Vita.

The interpreter currently runs under LuaJIT 2.0.5 with slight additions from Lua 5.2.4 (for example the bit32 lib for bitwise operations).
It has also a debug FTP server to correct your errors in runtime.

Official documentation: http://rinnegatamante.github.io/lpp-vita/

- vitasdk contributors.
- *xerpi* for vita2d and debug FTP code.
- *gnmmarechal* for testing the interpreter.
- *hyln9* for vita-luajit.
- *frangarcj* for the help during 3D rendering feature addition.
- *TheFloW* for some snippets i used and some ideas i borrowed.
- Misledz for the Lua Player Plus logo.
- EasyRPG Team for the Audio Decoder used for Sound module.


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03/02/19 - 03:00 am

Save Manager Plus


Dump / Restore for PSVita game save.


Save Manager Plus v04.10 by kylon & d3m3vilurr

This tool allows to save/ restore the savegames of the psvita.

- L/R: Switch tab (GAMES / SAVES)
- Triangle: Open menu

- Backup saves as decrypted or encrypted
- Bulk backup of all your saves
- Bulk delete of all your backups
- Restore encrypted and decrypted saves
- Change savefile region
- More..

About encrypted saves
- They are untouched and you can restore them as is, ie no need to start the game.

About region change option
- Most games use the same save "structure" for any region, but not all.
- Region change is 100% safe and reversible, unless i/o errors occur :P
- If the save does not work, the game uses a slightly different save structure (or your entered ID is wrong).

About orphan saves
Saves of games that are not installed in your system.

Project use these project's codes.
- VitaShell
- rinCheat
- vita-savemgr

Changelog 4.10
- Support all vita partitions
- Better VitaShell module loading (Thanks Princess-of-sleeping)
- fix a few crashes

Changelog 4.00
- Remove touch controls
- Remove list mode
- Remove ini config
- Change saves path to data/vitaSaveManager
- Change app title ID (you can keep both this and original)
- Auto replace ACCOUNT_ID in param.sfo (#75)
- Add My Saves page
- Add menu (Backup all / delete all)
- Add change savefile region option
- Support both encrypted and decrypted saves
- Support orphan saves
- Code clean up and optimization
- More.. See git logs?


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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