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08/03/19 - 07:10 pm



Quake II port for PSVITA.


vitaQuakeII v02.10 by Rinnegatamante

vitaQuakeII is a port of Quake II for PSVITA.
At the moment vitaQuakeII has unique features like dualshock rumbling when player get hit. It supports also double analogs for comfortable gameplay, online and locale multiplayer with featured servers, soundtracks support, sounds support and a lot more stuffs.
The port is fully hardware accelerated and supports high res textures pack and official mission packs.

- Native 960x544 resolution!
- Hardware acceleration thanks to vitaGL
- MSAA 2x and MSAA 4x antialiasing support
- Sound and Soundtrack support
- Support for shareware and full versions of Quake
- Support for official mission packs
- Support for high res textures pack
- Native support to both PSVITA analogs
- Unique features like dualshock rumbling, fps counter, ...
- Variable camera sensibility for right analog in option menu
- Multiplayer with support for both locale and online games with featured online servers

- Left Analog = Move player
- [up] = Use item
- [left]/[right] = Select item
- [down] = Drop item
- Right Analog = Move camera
- [cross] = Jump
- [circle] = Crouch
- [r] / [square] = Shoot
- [triangle] = Change Weapon
- [l] = Run
- [elect] = Show Mission (Singleplayer) / Scores (Multiplayer)

- If you want to play mission packs, place rogue and xatrix folders in ux0:/data/quake2.

About Multiplayer
vitaQuakeII offers 5 different pre-selected servers in the serverlist from different places (Australia, Russia, France, USA): 4 are deatmatch servers, one is a co-op server.
Current available pre-selected servers:
- DeVelox (Deatmatch 8 players FRANCE)
- QW.org.pl (Deatmatch 8 players POLAND)
- ISP WEBA (Deatmatch 16 players RUSSIA)
- tastypleen.net:classic (Deatmatch 16 players USA)
- desync.com (Deatmatch 16 players USA)
- planetmnh.16mb.com (Co-op 14 players AUSTRALIA)

- idSoftware for winQuake engine.
- Ch3lin for the awesome livearea assets.
- MasterFeizz for Quake2Ctr source i used as base for the port.
- gnmmarechal and bhunterzor for testing the homebrew.
- All my patroners for their awesome support.


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08/03/19 - 05:05 pm



Nonogram game for PS Vita


PiCrest v01.11 by Creckeryop

Nonogram game for PSVita

- Level Editor with palette (R,G,B,H,S,V,A(alpha))
- Themes Editor
- Level Generator
- 93 Levels
- Multilanguage support (English, Russian, Latina(thanks to overmind98))

- [pad]: Move
- [cross]: place field
- [circle]: place cross
- [square]: pencil

Changelog 1.11
- 18 Levels
- Perfect badge in level selection menu if you clear level without misses
- Tutorial on first launch v1.11
- Precentage of cleared levels in folder in upper right corner
- New Algorythm of level generation
- Autofill line with crosses if 0 is side number of this line
- Minor fixes


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08/03/19 - 04:49 pm

Cookie Clicker


Cookie Clicker game for PSVITA.


Cookie Clicker v00.20 by Creckeryop

It's Cookie Clicker game made on LUA (lpp-vita made by @Rinnegatamante)

- Long Numbers (thanks to lpp-vita)
- Buildings until Prism
- Design more looks like a browser version
- Buy and Sell Buildings, (1/10/100)pcs
- Save Loading(save file is in the ux0:/data/ folder called ccsave.sav, ccupsave.sav)
- You can use Sensor or Left/Right analog to move Buildings or Buttons
- Press [triangle] to click Cookie or touch it
- Touch Buy Sell to change mode
- UPGRADES NEW 20.11.2017

- Left Stick - move Buildings
- Right Stick - move Buttons
- TouchScreen - screen Buttons
- [square] - Expand/ Shrink Upgrade menu
- [triangle] - Touch Cookie
- [select] - Save and Exit

Changelog 0.20
- All code was rewritten
- Upgrade (Experemental (28 upgrades)) (every upgrade gives x2 to CpS)
- Auto-save Every 10 minutes
- Added OnScreen Buttons
- Added Settings menu with one option(Reset save)
- Added Cookie shower
- Added Milk (just animation)
- Added Shadows behind buttons
- Little Optimization
- Changed livearea bg and startup images
- Minor fixes
- New savefile for upgrades (ux0:/data/ccupsave.sav)
- Fixed >10 000 cps Error


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07/03/19 - 02:20 pm

Zombiebound Reloaded


3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita.


Zombiebound Reloaded v00.21 by VitaHEX Games

Zombiebound is a 3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita, It plays very similar to your favourite CoD Zombies games.
This first version of the game will also have 4 weapons. Like the first game your character will be able to hold up to two weapons. His main weapon is always a pistol with infinite ammo, while the secondary weapon can be purchased from the various points of each level (they will appear as a graffiti on walls).
Hi-score is saved for each level locally and you can view it from the main menu. You can also adjust aiming sensitivity to your liking.
The first alpha version of the game will include two levels.

The Farmhouse
Is a small level perfect for close combat against the hordes of zombies. If you feel trapped you can unlock the door to get access to the outside yard.

The Abandoned Store
Is a medium sized level with more room to run and protect yourself. You can also unlock the main entrance to go outside where you can find a better weapon to purchase.

Changelog 0.21
- Fixed shotgun aim position

Changelog 0.20
- You can now buy and unlock new weapons and levels from the in-game Store using gold bars
- Added the Lucky Crate in all the levels
- Added 4 New Weapons
- Added a brand new level (The Hospital)
- Added zombie sounds!
- You will no longer receive damage from dead zombies
- Added Controls explanation in Options menu
- Improved fog system and lighting
- Major bug fixes and performance improvements


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06/03/19 - 08:20 pm

The Hallway


P.T. recreation for PSVITA.


The Hallway v00.20 by VitaHEX Games

This game is a recreation of my all time favorite PT demo. In the PS Vita version I call it "The Hallway" (for obvious reasons). It's a complete recreation of the original with handmade 3d models and environments I created as close as possible to original.

All the lighting, fog effects and the atmosphere is highly optimized for the PS Vita.

In this short demo you will be able to experience the horror in "loops" again and again but with some new small surprises. The game features high quality 3D sound so I highly recommend playing the game with headphones!

Changelog 0.20
- Added more loops with many new *surprises*
- The bathroom door may now open
- Added some "important" characters
- Improved performance
- Added Pause Menu (Start button)
- Added options to invert the camera controls
- Polished some of the previous loops
- Added the creaking sound for the chandelier
- Lighting optimizations
- Fixed the door transition animation
- Added ambience music for certain loops
- Improved controls
- Major bug fixes and improvements

Want to see more homebrew games like this? Support my work by becoming a Patron:

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06/03/19 - 07:44 pm

Red Runner


Platform game for PSVITA.


Red Runner v01.00 by RetroGamer_74

The developer RetroGamer_74 brings us a port of his platform, where we will have to avoid the multiple dangers to reach the goal.


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02/03/19 - 05:27 pm

Jelly Car


Great 2d game with soft body physics


Jelly Car v01.50 by Drakon

JellyCar is a physics game in which you drive a car from start to end, simple, Well, once you play it, you will realise that it is more than a straightforward racer thanks to crazy effects and the fluid Physics engine that ought to get you more engaged into the game just see what could happen with your *jelly* car.

Changelog 1.50
- Additional 30 levels
- Changed menus
- Rebinding keys
- Sound options
- Sticky tire and balloon
- Bug fixing and optimizations


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02/03/19 - 04:51 pm



NVIDIA Gamestream client for PlayStation Vita, based on moonlight-embedded.


Moonlight v00.05 by xyzz & d3m3vilurr & ShadowPrin

Vita Moonlight, This is a vita port of Moonlight Embedded.
Moonlight is an open source implementation of NVIDIA GameStream.

More information can find [moonlight-docs][1], [moonlight-embedded][2], and our [wiki][3].
If you need more help, join the #vita-help channel in [discord][4].

[1]: https://github.com/moonlight-stream/moonlight-docs/wiki
[2]: https://github.com/irtimmer/moonlight-embedded/wiki
[3]: https://github.com/xyzz/vita-moonlight/wiki
[4]: https://discord.gg/atkmxxT

- Icon [moonlight-stream][https://github.com/moonlight-stream] project logo
- Livearea background [Moonlight Reflection][http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=130014&picture=moonlight-reflection] Public domain


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02/03/19 - 04:29 pm

Reboot or Shutdown


Reboots or turns off your PS Vita


Reboot or Shutdown v01.06 by McCallum_99

This is an app that reboots/ powers off/ update/ restore database of your PS Vita depending on what trigger you hold.

- [l]: Shutdown.
- [r]: Reboot.
- [cross] & [square]: Update the database (keep icons).
- [left] & [up]: Delete the database and restore it (lose icons).

- SilicaAndPina (@SilicaDevs) for the help troubleshooting.


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27/02/19 - 02:36 pm

Free Heroes 2


PSVita port of Free Heroes 2 engine.


Free Heroes 2 v01.01 by Northfear

FHeroes2 is a free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine. Engine itself is pretty much fully functional. It also brings additional QoL improvements which can be turned on or off (like hiring units from the well). The only big thing that's missing is official campaign support, but most of original and custom scenarios are working nicely.

- Left analog stick: Pointer movement
- [cross]: Left mouse button
- [circle]:Right mouse button
- [pad]: Map scrolling
- Touch controls are also somewhat supported.

Copy HEROES2.AGG and HEROES2X.AGG (if you own Price of Loyalty expansion) from the original games DATA folder to the ux0:data/fheroes2/data and everything from MAPS folder into the ux0:data/fheroes2/maps. Data from both original/GoG or demo version should work.
For additional info about music support check the projects github page (https://github.com/Northfear/fheroes2-vita).

Hero/AI/Combat speed, pointer movement speed, sound/music loudness, game resolution/scaling and translation can be configured with config file. If you want to change any of the above, copy fheroes2.cfg from ux0:app/FHOMM0002/ to the ux0:data/fheroes2 and edit it.

Changelog 1.1
- Fixed touch control in 640x480 fullscreen mode


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