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04/02/19 - 10:40 pm

Lua Player Plus Vita


Lua Player Plus Vita is the first lua interpreter made for the Sony PlayStation Vita.

*Lua Player Plus Vita* is the first lua interpreter made for the Sony PlayStation Vita.

The interpreter currently runs under LuaJIT 2.0.5 with slight additions from Lua 5.2.4 (for example the bit32 lib for bitwise operations).
It has also a debug FTP server to correct your errors in runtime.

Official documentation: http://rinnegatamante.github.io/lpp-vita/

- vitasdk contributors.
- *xerpi* for vita2d and debug FTP code.
- *gnmmarechal* for testing the interpreter.
- *hyln9* for vita-luajit.
- *frangarcj* for the help during 3D rendering feature addition.
- *TheFloW* for some snippets i used and some ideas i borrowed.
- Misledz for the Lua Player Plus logo.
- EasyRPG Team for the Audio Decoder used for Sound module.


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