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31/01/19 - 03:35 pm

VITA Forecast


VITAforecast is a weather application that determines the current weather in your area.

31/01/19 - 03:35 pm
VITAforecast is a weather application that determines the current weather in your area (provided a zip code, and country code. -> example 07009, us). This application makes use of a free weather service API offered from openweathermap.org, and parses the data to extract relevant details.

- Current temperature (Including minimum and max on current day), in both degrees C/F.
- Short description on current atmospheric condition.
- Humidity
- Cloudiness
- Wind speed in both km/h or mph.
- Atmospheric pressure.

Please enter your zip code correctly and use common letters *only*. For example:
Format: zipcode, id

- wv1,gb = Wolverhampton, UK
- 07001,us = Avenel, US
- 75008,fr = Palais-Royal, FR

- Square: Re-enter zip code and ID.
- Start: Exit app.
- Triangle: Refresh data (although it already does this in the background).

- nickelad for helping me out with HTTP functions.
- preetisketch for designing the GUI background and the banner.
- d3stroy from deviantart for the current atmosphere icons.
- MerlinTheRed from deviantart for the app icon0.


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