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04/08/21 - 02:27 am

Grand Theft Auto III


A port of Grand Theft Auto: III for the PS Vita

04/08/21 - 02:27 am
re3-vita is a port of re3, a full reverse engineered reimplementation of Grand theft Auto III using librw, a full and open source reimplementation of RenderWare graphics engine.
re3-vita allows to play Grand theft Auto III on PSVITA/PSTV after providing game files from your own copy of the game.

re3-vita v.1.4
- Added official game manual as manual of the application.
- Added support for the intro video.
- Fixed a bug causing sniper rifle to deal damage only at first shot.
- Fixed a bug causing dead pedestrians to still have collisions enabled.
- Fixed a bug causing hookers to damange the car when they got picked up in a car.
- Updated vitaGL to latest commit.
- Updated to latest official commit of re3 main repository.

How to get videos working
In order to get videos working, you will need to convert them first with your PC. You can use ffmpeg to do this task with the following commands:

ffmpeg -i Logo.mpg Logo.mp4
ffmpeg -i GTAtitles.mpg GTAtitles.mp4‚Äč

The videos are in the movies folder and the original one in mpg format can be safely removed after the conversion.


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