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29/10/20 - 04:32 am



A 3d coverflow like launcher for PS Vita.


HEXFlow v02.10 by VitaHEX Games

Display and launch your games and homebrews in style.
HexFlow Launcher features a 3d user interface to display your games with their box art and supports many customization options like custom covers and backgrounds.

Fixed error if no games where found

Added support for PSP adrenaline bubbles (App ID must be "PSPEMUxxx")
Added PSP 3d boxes
Added Settings menu (Start button)
Added 1 new View option (Big view)
Fixed the Categories button (now it changes instantly)
Reflection effect can be disabled (Settings menu)
Added option to change the theme color (Settings menu)
Added option to set the startup category (Settings menu)
Changed font to support more characters including Japanese
Improved performance
Other bug fixes and improvements

Launching a game/app from HexFlow Launcher will close the launcher automaticaly without asking.
Custom Covers

Place your custom covers in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/"

Cover images must be in png format and file name must match the App ID or the App Name of each app (recomended resolution 256x256px). Sample image

Custom Background

Place your custom background image in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/"

Background image must be named 'Background.jpg' or 'Background.png' (recomended resolution 1280x720px or less).


If you want to auto-launch HexFlow Launcher every time your PS Vita boots up you can use the AutoBoot plugin by Rinnegatamante.


Navigate your library using the DPad or the Left Stick or with the Touch Screen.

R/L triggers: Skip 5 items

Cross: Select/Launch game/app

Square: Change Category

Circle: Change View/Cancel

Start: Extras menu

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05/10/20 - 11:58 pm

Consolepedia 3D


Virtual encyclopedia of game systems


Consolepedia 3D v00.03 by VitaHEX Games

Consolepedia 3D is a virtual encyclopedia of game systems developed in Unity.

From Atari to Nintendo and PlayStation all with with detailed 3D models of each system with information about the history, specifications and their best selling games.

Consolepedia 3D features detailed 3d models where you can take a close look and also learn about it's history through the years. You can also see the top-5 best selling games for each system with the original box art.

The new version 0.3 of Consolepedia 3D is now available for everyone and includes many new console systems and tons of new features.

One new addition is the Slideshow mode which allows you to view a 3d slideshow with all the available console systems in random order. Combine that with the addition of the music track "Still Awake" by Ghostrifter Official that plays in the background and enjoy the app at its best.

Changelog v0.3:

Added 5 new consoles and handheld systems (Sega Master System, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, PS Vita)

Handheld systems now have intro videos (play/stop control in FullScreen mode)

Added "Slideshow" mode (press Select)

Added background music

Added more options in Settings menu

Fixed and improved some of the models and their materials

Minor bug fixes and improvements

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10/05/19 - 08:46 pm



Action/adventure game.


FALLEN KNIGHTS v01.02 by VitaHEX Games

Fallen Knights is an action/adventure game set in a dark universe of demons and castles.

The game has similar elements to the Souls games. There is a large map to explore filled with deadly enemies.

Version 0.2 Changelog:

Added a new area. The "Lost Cemetery"
Added the first Boss. The "Skull Dragon"
You can now rest at bonfires (also saves progress and respawns enemies)
Added Main Menu
Added enemy health bars
Added boss battle music
Fixed player gravity while rolling
Fixed player parrying (works on small enemies)
Fixed attack collisions (player and enemies)
Fixed sword trail to disappear if animation was interrupted
Fixed back-step interfering with attack animations
Improved controls
Major bug fixes and improvements

Combat system works well, basic combo attacks and rolling are there. It is very important to lock on you enemy before going for an attack by pressing the down arrow key. You start the game with 3 health potions only, so use them wisely.

There are no checkpoints or save options yet and all the menus are missing but I'm working on all those elements and they will slowly appear in future versions of the game.

The game is highly optimized to run well on PS Vita. It also looks much better than expected with high quality 3d models, environments, improved lighting system with character shadows, normals + specular maps just to name a few. Let me know how well it runs for you.


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19/04/19 - 09:47 pm

No More Dungeons!


No More Dungeons! No More Dungeons! is easy to learn, quick to play, and highly addictive!


No More Dungeons! v01.00 by VitaHEX Games

The game features progressive difficulty that changes dynamically every time you move to the next room but keeps a great balance by rewarding the player with powerful power-ups and score boost items.

Controls are very simple: move with the left stick and attack with the X button.

If you try the game please feel free to share your impressions about the game or any issues/bugs you may encounter.


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07/03/19 - 02:20 pm

Zombiebound Reloaded


3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita.


Zombiebound Reloaded v00.21 by VitaHEX Games

Zombiebound is a 3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita, It plays very similar to your favourite CoD Zombies games.
This first version of the game will also have 4 weapons. Like the first game your character will be able to hold up to two weapons. His main weapon is always a pistol with infinite ammo, while the secondary weapon can be purchased from the various points of each level (they will appear as a graffiti on walls).
Hi-score is saved for each level locally and you can view it from the main menu. You can also adjust aiming sensitivity to your liking.
The first alpha version of the game will include two levels.

The Farmhouse
Is a small level perfect for close combat against the hordes of zombies. If you feel trapped you can unlock the door to get access to the outside yard.

The Abandoned Store
Is a medium sized level with more room to run and protect yourself. You can also unlock the main entrance to go outside where you can find a better weapon to purchase.

Changelog 0.21
- Fixed shotgun aim position

Changelog 0.20
- You can now buy and unlock new weapons and levels from the in-game Store using gold bars
- Added the Lucky Crate in all the levels
- Added 4 New Weapons
- Added a brand new level (The Hospital)
- Added zombie sounds!
- You will no longer receive damage from dead zombies
- Added Controls explanation in Options menu
- Improved fog system and lighting
- Major bug fixes and performance improvements


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06/03/19 - 08:20 pm

The Hallway


P.T. recreation for PSVITA.


The Hallway v00.20 by VitaHEX Games

This game is a recreation of my all time favorite PT demo. In the PS Vita version I call it "The Hallway" (for obvious reasons). It's a complete recreation of the original with handmade 3d models and environments I created as close as possible to original.

All the lighting, fog effects and the atmosphere is highly optimized for the PS Vita.

In this short demo you will be able to experience the horror in "loops" again and again but with some new small surprises. The game features high quality 3D sound so I highly recommend playing the game with headphones!

Changelog 0.20
- Added more loops with many new *surprises*
- The bathroom door may now open
- Added some "important" characters
- Improved performance
- Added Pause Menu (Start button)
- Added options to invert the camera controls
- Polished some of the previous loops
- Added the creaking sound for the chandelier
- Lighting optimizations
- Fixed the door transition animation
- Added ambience music for certain loops
- Improved controls
- Major bug fixes and improvements

Want to see more homebrew games like this? Support my work by becoming a Patron:

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The Wiki Homebrew project, was born as a way to have a collection of all the homebrews of a specific scene, since the time of the PSP scene, it was tried to do through ONEinstaller, even though the project was ambiguous worked perfectly to have a collection of all the homebrews, even though it was finally removed a year later due to several problems with the database,

Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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