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17/02/20 - 03:47 pm



Manga/Comic reader for PSVITA.


Noboru v00.35 by Creckeryop

App for PSVita to read manga or comic

- Browsing manga sites
- Searching
- Build-in updater
- Reading manga (with Vertical or Horizontal mode!)
- MultiTouch, Swipes and other touch things
- Adding manga to library
- Loading longpages (webmanga) without downscaling (thanks to my *piclib*(https://github.com/Creckeryop/piclib))
- Multilanguage
- Reading without network (Offline mode !!Don't forget to add manga in library!! (you can also check `History` tab))

- Settings for parserlist (sorting by languages or else, hide some)
- Caching info about last readed chapters (to make continue function)
- Option to hide not downloaded chapters in offline mode
- Notify user if no space left
- More languages
- Sort chapters by 1->N or N->1
- Add option to cache images of current reading chapter (it will boost loading of pages you suddenly skipped)

Known issues
- *Issue* Download freezes if you go sleeping mode, and after that app need in restarting to enable downloading

- *Advice* Please don't shut vita screen untill blue LED turns off. I hope i'll find better solution

Changelog 0.35
- Added imports, also you can read your .cbz without importing
- Little changed UI
- Now reader page counter will hide
- Added option to skip font loading (will be laggy sometimes)
- Minor fixes

Hope all works fine (please write me as fast as you can, if you found crash or else)
Im always getting nervous about your NOBORU experience

Changelog 0.33
- Little performance boost
- Now Loading screen will launch before checking caches, and other...
- Added 4 reserved Headers variables for net requests
- Added Settings sections
- Fixed another cache bug
- Updated updater
- Simplificated some functions
- If updater just exited and not launched new version, launch it by yourself, please
- If you will found some bugs that interfere you, download 0.32 again and use it, and also don't forget to notify me
- Go to settings and update to new 0.33


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14/03/19 - 03:10 pm



Simple minesweeper for PlayStation Vita


MSweep v01.10 by Creckeryop

Simple minesweeper game written in C++ for PlayStation Vita

- Records for all modes (Easy, Medium, Hard, Custom) located on *ux0:data\save_msweep.txt*
- if game crashing try making save file with 0 0 0 0 0

- [pad]: Move
- [cross]: Open tile (or open group of tiles if you press on number)
- [square]: Put Question mark
- [circle]: Flag / Unflag
- [triangle]: Recreate level
- [start]: Go to pause menu

Changelog 1.10
- Added sounds
- Added 3 themes
- Added reset save button
- Pause menu now actually pauses game (new pause menu)
- New save file structure record_easy record_medium record_hard record_custom theme
- Less particles when field is too big
- Minor fixes

- Grzybojad: for advises
- xerpi: vita2d
- VITASDK team: vitasdk


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08/03/19 - 05:05 pm



Nonogram game for PS Vita


PiCrest v01.11 by Creckeryop

Nonogram game for PSVita

- Level Editor with palette (R,G,B,H,S,V,A(alpha))
- Themes Editor
- Level Generator
- 93 Levels
- Multilanguage support (English, Russian, Latina(thanks to overmind98))

- [pad]: Move
- [cross]: place field
- [circle]: place cross
- [square]: pencil

Changelog 1.11
- 18 Levels
- Perfect badge in level selection menu if you clear level without misses
- Tutorial on first launch v1.11
- Precentage of cleared levels in folder in upper right corner
- New Algorythm of level generation
- Autofill line with crosses if 0 is side number of this line
- Minor fixes


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08/03/19 - 04:49 pm

Cookie Clicker


Cookie Clicker game for PSVITA.


Cookie Clicker v00.20 by Creckeryop

It's Cookie Clicker game made on LUA (lpp-vita made by @Rinnegatamante)

- Long Numbers (thanks to lpp-vita)
- Buildings until Prism
- Design more looks like a browser version
- Buy and Sell Buildings, (1/10/100)pcs
- Save Loading(save file is in the ux0:/data/ folder called ccsave.sav, ccupsave.sav)
- You can use Sensor or Left/Right analog to move Buildings or Buttons
- Press [triangle] to click Cookie or touch it
- Touch Buy Sell to change mode
- UPGRADES NEW 20.11.2017

- Left Stick - move Buildings
- Right Stick - move Buttons
- TouchScreen - screen Buttons
- [square] - Expand/ Shrink Upgrade menu
- [triangle] - Touch Cookie
- [select] - Save and Exit

Changelog 0.20
- All code was rewritten
- Upgrade (Experemental (28 upgrades)) (every upgrade gives x2 to CpS)
- Auto-save Every 10 minutes
- Added OnScreen Buttons
- Added Settings menu with one option(Reset save)
- Added Cookie shower
- Added Milk (just animation)
- Added Shadows behind buttons
- Little Optimization
- Changed livearea bg and startup images
- Minor fixes
- New savefile for upgrades (ux0:/data/ccupsave.sav)
- Fixed >10 000 cps Error


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20/01/19 - 02:17 am



Simple Graphing Calculator for PS Vita.


VitaGraphs v00.10 by Creckeryop

VitaGraphs it is a simple but functional application to graph operations or mathematical functions.

- Triangle to write function
(support +, -, /, *, ^, abs(), sin(), cos(), tg(), sqrt(), floor(), ceil(), arccos(), arcsin(), arctg())
- Cross to reset Camera
- Left Stick up and down to Zoom in/out (You can use touchscreen to resize)
- Move Right Stick to move (You can use touchscreen to move)
- Square to choose Zoom mode (vertical, horizontal, both)


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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