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04/02/19 - 11:52 pm



Blindness - PSP / PS Vita / PS TV Game.


Blindness v02.00 by Applelo

Originally developed on PSP and ported to PSVita, Blindness is little addictive game where the rapidity and the memory are very useful. You need to use the joystick to navigate through the screen like an eye which move in the darkness. In game, you use your buttons (cross, circle, square and triangle) to correspond the shape in the screen with your "eye" to grab all the shapes present on the screen.
The game proposes 4 different cool modes:

- Black & White: The original mode with only one color, you need to change only your eye shape
- Colorful: Original mode with 3 different colors (red, green, blue), you need to change your eye shape and color.
- Recto Black & White: You don't need to choose your shape! Just grab shape which correspond with your eye.
- Recto Colorful: You don't need to choose your shape or your color! Just grab shape which correspond with your eye.

This game is available in English & French and for PSP and PSVita/PS TV.
The difficulty is progressive.

This game is not recommended to people who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy because they are some effect which create epileptic crisis... Sorry.

- Navigation: Left joystick (Only for PS Vita/PS TV)
- Change color of your eye in Colorfull or Recto Colorful mode: L / R
- Change shape of your eye: Cross/Square/Triangle/Circle

Changelog 2.00
- New
- Color mode
- Recto Mode for Black & White and Color
- Statistics at the end of the game
- The shapes captured have now a particle effect
- Pause Menu
- Compatible for PSVita, PSTV
- Add cool stuff for PSTV version (rumble & lightbar)
- This changelog is also available in PSVita/PSTV

- Modification
- The difficulties are now progressive for Black & White mode
- Change default PSP font with Ubuntu-Font
- Credits modification
- Options modification
- Save system change
- Bugs correction
- Controls change depending on device:
- PSP - directionnal axe
- PSVita/PSTV - left joystick

- Developed by Applelo
- Thanks gdljjrod, Davis Nunez & Rober Galarga for the ONELua
- Tested by Tuxbot123, yaounshow, Macrey and Wirus
- Shine for particle sample and the people made Ubuntu-Font

## What's next ###
- Send your score online
- Versus mode (only on PSVita version)
- And more :p


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04/02/19 - 11:31 pm

Custom Protocol


A shortcut app to access quickly to CTP Website.


Custom Protocol v01.00 by Applelo

A small app to access quickly to [Custom Protocol](http://customprotocol.com) Website.

- Created by Applelo
- Wallolo & CTP Logo by Windvern
- Icons by Google Material Design Team
- Bubble by Tuxbot123 inspired by Windvern design


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27/01/19 - 12:19 am

Switch SD2Vita


Switch your mount point between ux0 and uma0 easily for your SD2Vita!


Switch SD2Vita v02.10 by Applelo

Switch SD2Vita is a simple homebrew which simplify the setup to install and manage SD2VITA drivers for both ux0:/ and uma0:/ mounting points. You can also switch to another mount point if you want (xmc0, imc0, grw0)

The homebrew need an unsafe access to edit the ur0:/tai/config.txt file if you choose to have your SDVita like an ux0: memory. If you are scary, you can check the code and build the homebrew

Release 2.1
- Update PSVita-StorageMgr to 3.0 #16
- Add switch option to add MCD to a new config file #14
- A lot of improvements inside (always :p)
- ImgBot reduce image file size by 20% #17

Release 2.0
- Use PSVita-StorageMgr instead of gamesdcard-microsd (thanks to @CelesteBlue-dev)
- You can choose what mount point you want for your gamesdcard
- Support the 3.68 PSVita Version
- A lot of improvements inside :D

Release 1.3
- Support the 3.65/3.67 PSVita Version (thanks to @TheOfficialFloW & @ArkSource)

Release 1.2
- Detect old installation (1.0 version with uma0 config)
- Small change in menu
- Rename ux0:tai folder
- Update PSVita database on switch
- Add an official changelog
- Fix, always fix :)

- Developed & maintained by Applelo
- yosh for the pull request #5 with fixes
- Tuxbot123 for the idea and the bubble customization
- wababc for test and suggestion
- Celestblue-dev for StorageMgr plugin
- All people bringing pull requests to this project
- Team Molecule for HENkaku and taihen
- All people contributed to VitaSDK
- xerpi for the library vita2D
- The_FloW for file functions and HENkaku 3.65/3.68
- KanadeEngel for database trick
- My master, MisterAlex


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Now comes back with the idea again to collect as much as possible in a single site, PSVita homebrews, but focusing on adding possible descriptions and changelogs, in addition to own captures and other details, does not try to compete with other existing bases but distinguished by being different.

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